Grimm S06E11 Recap

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Things are ramping up just as Grimm is getting ready to wind down. We’re in the home stretch and there are only two more episodes before the series ends.

Eve successfully made it to “the other place”, an alternate dimension ruled by wessen who do not woge. Nick joins her shortly thereafter when Monroe and Rosalee return home and find evidence of her departure. I was expecting “the other place” to look like the swirling, black chaos in the mirror, but I suppose that’s just what the portal looks like. I’m a bit confused, though, because now I’m wondering if this is where Eve would have ended up had she not survived the death grip. The environment there looked the same as the portal to “the other place.”

When Eve came upon the first set of wessen chasing down the man I thought that she would help him, not stand there and watch them kill him. Considering how wild “the other place” is, I guess it was best that she didn’t. Nick  wasn’t nearly as cautious, though,  and stepped right into the clearing to face one of the blutbaden. A wessen that didn’t seem to recognise that he was a grimm. It was woged so it should have seen the blackness in his eyes. I guess that in a world ruled by wessen, grimms don’t exist.

I was a little creeped out when the people from the village they stumbled upon dragged away the blutbaden bodies. I assumed that they were dragging them away to skin them and use their pelts as clothing. I never would have thought that they eat the wessen, especially when the wessen eat them. In “the other place” it looks like everyone eats everyone else. Nick must have a pretty strong stomach that he managed not to gag when they fed him spit-roasted blutbad.

I was very happy that Nick and Eve got their heart to heart, in the same way that she had with Adalind. It was about time that it happened. There was no real closure in their relationship. It never occurred to me that Nick felt guilty about everything that happened to Juliette and Eve and blamed himself for it. Besides Nick, she is probably the one character who has been through the most.

Nick and Eve finally came face to face with the skull man that had been stalking Eve through the mirror; the Zerstörer. For a monster with a skeletal face, it’s quite muscular. I knew that a gun wouldn’t have worked against it, but it was worth a try. Without any weapon I’m not sure how Nick can contribute to it’s defeat. At least Eve has her hexenbiest powers.

As it would so happen, Eve isn’t the one that the Zerstörer was after; it was Diana. Filling in the gaps of what Renard knew concerning everything that was happening proved to be fruitful. Team Grimm maybe should have brought him up to speed a long time ago – this all involves his daughter, after all – but again, it’s Renard. He can hardly be trusted. Dasha was able to tell them how it was that Diana was connected to all of this. She is the to be the child bride of the Zerstörer and bear him one hundred children.

I did not at all see that coming. I don’t think anyone would have. She’s a child. In all honesty, I don’t see what the point of all of her power is if her only role in this is as a breeder. I’m curious as to why the Zerstörer went after Eve if it’s Diana that he wants. It could want them for separate reasons, I suppose, but ultimately use them both in order to reach the same goal. Eve definitely has a part to play in all of this; she did carve symbols into the walls of the tunnels.

The one thing that we still haven’t gotten any answers about is the magic stick. How it fits into everything is still unclear. I have no ideas about what it’s inability to go to “the other place” could mean, but I’m thinking that it’s perhaps a weapon that can be used against the Zerstörer. Maybe not kill it, but harm it in some way. It’s pretty useless right now, though, because it’s on the other side of the mirror.

We’ll have all of our answers to all of our questions soon enough.

Random thoughts:

  1. Diana knows all.
  2. Is Diana afraid of anything?
  3. You have a limited amount of bullets, Nick.

Grimm airs Fridays at 10 PM on NBC.

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