Grimm S06E10 Recap

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This was the second episode in a row with a “bad guy” that wasn’t really a bad guy,who can’t exactly be blamed for their killings and is very sympathetic. Here, we had an old man with dementia who was not at all aware of what he was doing.

This episode got very sad, very quickly as it came to a close. Just seeing how bad Mr. Stanton’s dementia was and the fact that he’d become a danger to others and the only real solution was to euthanise him. And Mrs. Stanton had to watch him die. When she first appeared in the spice shop and Rosalee asked about her husband, her non-answer and her expression made me think that her husband was dead. This was worse.

I spent the entire episode wondering why wessen nursing homes weren’t a thing. It would prevent old people with dementia from exposing them and thereby eliminate the need for the Gevatter Tod (Godfather of Death).

I wouldn’t think that Nick would have needed to urge Dr. Landeaux to testify that Mason’s actions didn’t have anything to do with the death of the old woman. He himself told them that and I imagine that he would testify as such if he had to, without being told anything. Nor was urging him to change the nurse’s mind necessary. In a court of law I’d imagine that his expertise as a doctor would be trusted more than her speculating that the old woman died of fear.

Renard was right to confront Adalind. She’s being a bit of a neglectful co-parent by not keeping him up to date about what is going on with their daughter, especially something that’s potentially very dangerous. As her father he has every right to know. On the other hand, it’s Renard. I wouldn’t trust him with sensitive information either. Sending him to Nick when he asked about the tunnels though, was a major cop-out on Adalind’s part. She ducks behind Nick a lot this season.

Once again, Eve/Juliette is the only member of Team Grimm who is proactive about finding out about the supernatural goings-on. I know that everyone else has other things to deal with and that Eve/Juliette has nothing else to do, but the rest of Team Grimm seems to be sitting on their laurels a little when it comes to these things.

I think that Eve/Juliette seeing the skull thing in the mirror has little to do with the fact that she saw the symbols on the cloth and more to do with the fact that she experienced the death grip and was almost dragged to hell. So the fact that Diana can see the symbols doesn’t so much put her in danger, in my opinion, and not from the skull thing, as much as it points to her being in a dangerous situation already by virtue of being Diana and having the abilities that she does.

Eve/Juliette, of course, didn’t keep her promise to Nick and went ahead and tried to open the portal herself, succeeded and walk right into it. Even if she’d been successful in opening it she could have at least called Nick over and have them cross over together as planned. This is far too perilous for her to be doing alone. I get that she wants to get ahead of the whole thing, but she doesn’t need to be so reckless.

Random thoughts:

  1. Mason asked for his lawyer. Why are they still talking to him? Isn’t that illegal?
  2. So Eve/Juliette can woge without issue now?

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