Grimm S06E01 Recap

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This episode didn’t really excite me, especially considering the high point it was jumping off of from last season. But that’s probably why it was so flat; this was the resolution that followed the climax. This was more or less just a set up episode for the rest of the season; Eve/Juliette dealing with her reemerging humanity, Nick on the run, Monroe and Rosalie’s pregnancy journey. And all of it I’m really looking forward to.

The Eve/Juliette storyline has been weird from the start. Almost like the writers didn’t know what to do with her character anymore. Her being almost pulled into the underworld  has started to tip it over into the realm of just being a little too much. Now she’s seeing magic symbols on the cloth the magic stick was wrapped in that no one else can see. Nick hasn’t looked at the cloth since being healed by it, so it’s TBD whether or not her being a hexenbiest has anything to do with it, or it you need to be healed by the stick. I don’t think Grimm has jumped the shark with her just yet, but is getting fairly close.

If Nick really is on the run for a good chunk of this season – as the next episode preview would suggested, but the end of this episode kind of doesn’t – then it would be fascinating to see him doing his work as a Grimm well and truly outside of the law. He kind of has here and there, but he always still tries to do it as a police officer first. Even if that isn’t the case and his name is cleared within the next few episodes, the end of this episode and the preview for next week gave me a lot to look forward to.

That was the high point of this episode, the last ten or so minutes. When Renard and all of the S.E.R.T. team surrounded Bob’s repair shop was when the episode started to go somewhere and get exciting. But of course, that’s where it ended. It looks like they’re in the spice shop in the next episode, so I’m intrigued to see how they get out of Bob’s shop. And also just to see Nick-Renard beat up the real Renard. He’s had it coming for a while now.

Monroe and Rosalie are the heart of this show in my opinion. Let’s be honest, this show got off to a pretty bad start. But the one shining light was Monroe. For a very long time he was the only reason I watched Grimm. He’s a fun and charming character and has always been my favourite. He and Rosalie are the cutest couple and we’ve all been waiting for them to have baby. Now it’s finally happening.

Random thoughts:

  1. Glad someone in the precinct believes in Nick.
  2. I understand Adalind making the choices she has for the sake of her kids, but I do not like damsel-in-distress, whining on the phone pleading for Nick to come to her Adalind.
  3. They actually addressed body disposal.
  4. I knew meeting at Bob’s would be a bad idea.

Grimm airs Fridays at  8 PM on NBC.

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