Grimm S06E09 Recap

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We got two monsters this week – that weren’t actually wessen? – in this episode and they had a symbiotic relationship; the yuboko, a tree which survives on human blood, and a kenoshimobi, a Groot/Ent-like walking tree thing which killed humans and fed it to the yuboko. This episode took the idea of the carnivorous plant and nature fighting back to a whole other level.

Like Monroe said I really couldn’t blame the kenoshimobi for what it was doing. I’m not sure about the morality of the yuboko (if it even had a moral compass), but the kenoshimobi was only killing people who endangered or harmed it’s nearby environs. It was protecting it’s home.

I honestly thought that Team Grimm’s plan to draw out the kenoshimobi using the awful smelling liquid that Rosalee cooked up would have worked. I assumed that it hadn’t come out because it was nocturnal; the two poachers were hunting at night and it didn’t attack the woman dumping toxic waste until after dark. But when it became clear that it wasn’t going to show up and that Rosalee would be joining them, I knew that she would be the catalyst and the one it would go after.

Given how freaked out that Monroe was when he saw the faces in the tree – this isn’t a weirwood’s kind of face either – and the fact that Rosalee is pregnant and that that was a very dangerous situation, it was strange to me that he was almost nonchalant about her going out to the forest. He’s usually very protective of her and inviting her there was the direct opposite of that.

I felt sorry for the kenoshimobi when Nick chopped it with his axe and it reached up to its “chest” like it was surprised. I didn’t expect that to kill it though, it being a tree and all and thereby not having a heart. So taking an axe to the “chest” would be ineffective. Which is why I wasn’t surprised when it’s face moved when it appeared on the trunk of the yuboko. I guess the yuboko was protecting it, as Monroe suggested. My thought was that it took it in to repair it.

Is Renard going to find out about the tunnels beneath Nick’s loft? And the magic stick and the cloth? I feel like he will. I think it’s fairly easy for him to find out about the tunnel. Diana will likely end up telling him where it is. The magic stick and the cloth on the other hand are more iffy, although all he’ll really need to do is feel around the walls of the tunnel a little and he’ll find Nick’s hiding place.

It was amusing how all of the adults turned to Diana and hung onto her every word when she was explaining what happened in the bathroom mirror. Clearly she knows more about what’s going on than they do. Her being a child, though, she doesn’t really know how to express it. It’s kind of creepy how she has such a better understanding of it than everyone else. Adalind isn’t as worried about the fact that Diana is obviously connected to this as I thinks he should be. Renard is, though. I’m very interested in seeing how this plays out.

And what is with the mirror bleeding when Eve/Juliette picked it up?

Random thoughts:

  1. Time to stop talking Monroe.
  2. Why are they hunting at night? Isn’t that a day time activity?
  3. I guess Movember came early for Nick.
  4. You let Juliette see where you were hiding the key to the drawer Rosalee?
  5. Monroe bringing it with the puns!
  6. The annoying thing about this woman dumping waste in the forest is that people really do that.
  7. Sassy Wu is sassy.
  8. Rosalee’s book looks like The Monster Book of Monsters.

Grimm airs Fridays at 8 PM on ABC.

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