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I was so proud of myself for figuring out that this episode would be based on Frankenstein. I’d noticed the reference in Victor Shelley’s name and didn’t think anything of it. Until Wu told Nick and Hank that the two sets of prints that were found at the crime scene were from dead men.

I was wondering about why Melville (the owner of the cemetery) said he only sold Dr. Shelley and company six bodies since in Frankenstein the monster is made of seven men. I took it as perhaps a mistake on the part of the writers. Then it was revealed that Dr. Shelley’s son had died in a car accident and that he was the seventh – or the rather, the first. I was taken aback by the fact that Dr. Shelley had done that to his own son. I know that he was grieving and just wanted him back, but that was a horrific thing to have done to him and put him through.

My question is though: where was his son for the six months in between the experiment and his reemergence? And why did he wait until then to attack the doctors? It’s a bit of a minor detail, but it’s quite the narrative gap. And how did none of Shelley’s colleagues see the missing posters of his son? That should have clued them into the fact that he didn’t, in fact, kill him because those posters had to have gone up after the experiment. There would be no reason for him to put up missing posters after the accident and before the experiment because his son was reported to have died. Team Grimm found an article stating that he had.

I really liked Melville; he was charming and funny. He went from upset and indignant at Wu and Hank’s intrusion on his meeting, to a spineless coward who folded very easily. He crumbled the second he failed to answer their questions concerning whether or not he had indeed cremated the bodies. Watching him fumble was hilarious. As was his declaration in his second appearance that he had learned something from the whole experience. It would be so nice if he were a recurring character who’d been introduced far earlier and not as the show is ending.

We revisited the mirror gateway to hell and this time Eve/Juliette encountered it in a hand held mirror at Monroe and Rosalee’s. Does the fact that the skull thing reached out and choked her mean that it can cross over into their world/realm/dimension or whatever? Also, bravo Eve/Juliette for biting it’s arm. It’s obviously connected to this big event that the constellation calendar is predicting. We have yet to see how. Could it be that the skull thing crossing into their world is the thing that’s coming? Or is it simply the opening of a portal to hell?

As Renard’s Russian friend Dasha suggested, Diana is connected to this event as well. Her suspicions have only confirmed what a lot of us have been thinking since Diana saw the symbols on the cloth; she has a role to play in all of this. Said role is perhaps why she is as powerful as she is. But is she the key to making this event happen or the key to stopping it? There needs to be more of an investigation into how Diana is tied to all of this on the part of Team Grimm.

Random thoughts:

  1. Wessen are aliens? Are we going there?
  2. Is it so weird that he called her Juliette and not Eve?
  3. Dasha was awfully specific about her location.
  4. He has wessen body parts!
  5. Why did you have to spoil Hank’s after death plans Wu?
  6. Aww Monroe is having daddy duty fears.

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