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This episode was beyond hilarious. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much and this hard watching and episode of Grimm. It’s a shame that this is the final season and we won’t be getting more episodes like this, if at all. I loved this episode and it’s my favourite of the season so far. This was very much a filler episode and it was filler done right.

When the episode started with the flash forward and that was followed with the exchange between Eve/Juliette and Diana about the former’s relationship with Nick, I fully expected that Diana was responsible for everyone being out of sorts and confessing their love to the wrong people. But it was the work of the angry son of a wessen criminal that Nick had arrested in the past.

I liked how this episode took a couple of moments to look back on events from previous seasons; Nick and Monroe forming their friendship and Monroe falling in love with Rosalee. Was there ever a time when Rosalee wasn’t on this show? I honestly don’t remember.

The character with the funniest moments in the entire episode was Hank. I don’t even think he realised that he was talking to himself in the mirror. I broke down with laughter when Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” started and Hank began singing along to his reflection. I had the same reaction when he saw himself in the hallway mirror. That was comedy gold.

Second only to that was Nick falling to his knees and screaming Rosalee’s name. Who knew that David Giuntoli had it in him to be that funny? It was clear watching the episode that the actors had a lot of fun shooting it. I had just as much fun watching.

The comedic tone flowed throughout and was even present in the Diana’s kidnapping storyline. I appreciated that the tone was kept consistent and didn’t switch to a more serious one for this story. That being said, I was kind of disappointed that this was how the Lieutenant’s revenge against Renard played out. None of Renard’s chickens have come home to roost. So far, the decisions he made last season haven’t come back to bite him in the ass.

The Lieutenant had no idea who he was messing with when he kidnapped Diana. I was at no point worried about her. The second he nabbed her, I laughed. She could tear him apart with one finger without blinking and he would never see it coming. And he didn’t! She didn’t tear him apart, but she did throw him around the room for a full day. He completely underestimated her. Renard himself wasn’t worried about her at all. He knows his daughter.

As stiff, robotic and emotionless as Hannah R. Loyd is in her performance as Diana, I think it worked here since Diana wasn’t afraid. Watching a grown man get beaten up by a little girl will never not be funny.

Diana does not know how to keep a secret! As I suspected she didn’t. We knew she would end up telling Renard about the symbols. She shouldn’t have been drawing them in his presence in the first place! She told Renard almost everything, but I suppose it’s accurate to a child of her age; it’s something a child her age would do and how they would do it.

I totally forgot about the gate to hell that opened up in Nick’s bathroom mirror, complete with scary skull with glowing green eyes. Considering the tone of the rest of the episode, that was quite the random inclusion to have. It looks like it will be dealt with to some degree in the next episode.

My only gripe with this episode was the CGI used when the hotel concierge fell off of the cliff. That was awful.

Random thoughts:

  1. Aww, Diana misses Kelly. Don’t tell her that she’s dead.
  2. Well don’t just stare at it Juliette.
  3. Don’t prisons record the calls that inmates make? Should they be discussing this on the phone?
  4. Ew! He spat in their drinks!
  5. Isn’t this the second time that both Wu and Hank have been put under a love spell?
  6. Of course Monroe’s cake is a pocket watch!

Grimm airs Fridays at 8 PM on NBC.

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