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It’s becoming very apparent just how much Nick screwed up Renard’s life when he transformed into Renard and gave up being mayor and just how far reaching the consequences of his actions could be. Not that I think Nick cares, to be honest, or even realises for that matter. Renard’s reckoning is coming and it seems to be coming pretty fast.

Black Claw is not at all happy that all of the work they put into making Renard mayor has not paid off. They are pissed and not accepting any excuses, no matter how good they are; he did have a very good excuse for why it happened after all. Renard getting angry and snippy with them really isn’t helping his situation. Couple this with the threat that the police officer who was supposed to replace him as captain made and things aren’t exactly looking up for Renard going into the rest of the season.

On top of that, he’s having hallucinations of Meissner who never misses an opportunity to tell him that he made a mistake by aligning himself with Black Claw. Renard should probably think twice about openly interacting with Ghost Meissner if Nick, Hank and Wu’s reaction to seeing it is any indication.

On the brighter side of Renard’s life, he still has Diana and got to spend some father-daughter time with her in this episode. It was sweet and all but was ruined by Renard actively teaching Diana to hate Nick. He knows exactly what he’s doing here beyond just creating strife and making sure he as an ally (and superweapon). It’s no coincidence, I think, that they discussed Diana using him to kill Bonaparte as well.

Speaking of Diana, how does Adalind not know where her power comes from? She has to at least suspect that it has something to do with the Contaminatio Ritualis she performed to get her powers back while she was pregnant. What with all of the skulls on her belly and everything.

Just as I suspected it would, the stick has started to turn on Eve/Juliette. She is the only person on the team currently trying to find out more about it and get to the bottom of what it is, what it does and where it came from. She just happened to enter the tunnels at the precise moment Nick was expressing his love for Adalind, of course. She must really be doing a good job of hiding the re-emergence of her emotions since Trubel was the only one who noticed.

I kind of feel bad for Eve/Juliette. She’s been getting the short end of stick since pretty much the very beginning of this show and it’s only gotten worse for her.

In any case, the stick burned her (and called out to Nick?) and left one of the marks she saw on the dead man’s face – and the cloth it was wrapped in – on her palm. If the stick was trying to stop her snooping, branding her with a mark she is trying to find out more about perhaps was not the best method.

As to the monster of the week, it was one of the ugliest wesen we have ever seen. It was quite obvious that his motivation for kidnapping baby Auggie was to prevent a future tragedy of which the child would be the perpetrator. I wasn’t expecting that el Cuegle actually ate them considering the somewhat “noble” reasoning behind his actions. Kill the baby, sure, but not eat it. Maybe even try to raise it so it doesn’t have that future. In a “Would you kill baby Hitler?” kind of way.

I thought that maybe the whole baby eating thing was a misunderstanding made by past Grimms.

Random thoughts:

  1. Diana is such a daddy’s girl.
  2. Diana is Carrie now?
  3. Monroe you are not the only one afraid of Diana.
  4. How many buns are in Rosalie’s oven?!
  5. Auggie’s dad is being really unhelpful.
  6. Rosalie does make a good point about Nick attracting trouble and Portland perhaps not being safe.
  7. How long was Eve/Juliette in that basement?
  8. I’d wish Auggie the best of luck but we all know those horrid parents of his are going to screw him up.

Grimm airs Fridays at 8 PM on NBC.

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