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I know that as a viewer, I know Renard better than a character in the show who barely knows him. But barring that, if this dude believed so wholeheartedly that Renard killed the “love of his life”, why would he then go and blackmail him?! In his mind Renard already killed someone, what makes him think that Renard wouldn’t kill him to eliminate a threat? He clearly does not know who he is dealing with. And so said, so done. not even ten minutes later in the episode (it really did not feel like it was very long), Renard had him killed. That was a very stupid decision on his part.

Furthermore, if he loved or cared about Rebecca as much as he claims, he would not blackmail Renard for money. He would have gone to the police. Granted, Renard is the captain of the Portland police and it probably would not have gone anywhere because of that. Plus, Renard would have found out about him being able to place him at Rebecca’s house shortly before he discovered her body and Renard would have killed him anyway. But still, he would have done the right thing to attain “justice” for her murder, not blackmail the suspected killer.

Then the man Renard got to kill this dude, came back and threatened Renard. I thought that Renard would have gotten rid of him too, but that didn’t happen. So he is going to at least try to make good on this threat later in the season. Nick really screwed over Renard.

Speaking of, Nick’s plan was very obvious once he said he wanted Eve/Juliette to turn him into Renard, told Adalind to watch the news at 7:00 and they brought up that Renard being mayor-elect meant that once he did become mayor, he would be near untouchable. I expected him to announce Renard stepping down from being mayor, but not him going so far as to exonerate himself and clear his name. It was very smart move.

Unfortunately I won’t get to see Nick as a fugitive like I wanted to. Given his deal with Renard it means that everything will go back to normal now. Which is fine, but I think the kind of dynamic they had been hinting at in the first two episodes would have been very exciting and very different and I would have liked to see that. It’s the last season. The show is ending anyway so take a risk! Do away with the status quo and get everyone out of their comfort zone! But alas. I’m just glad they finally got one over on Renard.

Now that Nick knows that Renard had someone killed – the man Renard hired to kill him just really, foolishly, so easily spilled all the beans in such fine detail; that scene was not very believable or well written – I wonder what he will do with that information or if it will come into play later on. Perhaps even be related to when he comes back to fulfill his threat to Renard. I found it interesting that the writers chose to make Nick knowledgeable about that little fact. I’m hoping it pays off later and didn’t happen “just because.”

It was quite evident that Diana would be the one to undo Nick’s transformation as Renard. I had assumed that she would recognise that Nick was not her father when he turned around and faced her, but I guess her powers are not that extensive (until the writers call for it, that is). Her seeing Nick as Renard was one of the worst things that could have happened to him. Now we’re getting the Nick-hating Diana that I always thought she would be.

Random thoughts:

  1. Lol. Of course Monroe would sweat a little detail like the colour of Nick/Renard’s tie.
  2. I love that they added the little detail of Nick having to get used to being as tall as Renard.
  3. Lol. Hank recoiled.
  4. Come on Renard, it’s obvious Adalind had something to do with it. She is a terrible actress (Adalind, not the actress playing her).
  5. You know you can’t explain this away Renard.
  6. He doesn’t even want Adalind anymore.
  7. Lol. They all recoiled from Nick/Renard.

Grimm airs Fridays at 8 PM on NBC.

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