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Even Dill thought that Hannah should tell Paul-Louis about her pregnancy (solely because he didn’t have a father when he was growing up). Everyone seems to think that she should. So far, the only person who’s told her that she doesn’t need to tell the father…is her own father. And in this episode she finally did tell Paul-Louis. After sitting around almost all day waiting on him to call her back – and babysitting Dill while Elijah was out at an audition – Hannah got straight to the point and told him.

I liked that she didn’t beat around the bush or anything of the sort. She came right out with it. I was hopeful that Paul-Louis actually did want to get involved in the child’s life and be a father; he immediately asked Hannah if she needed anything. Then the moment that she said that she didn’t want to impose on him and his life, he backed right out. He wanted nothing to do with her and the baby. It made me wonder if he just asked her if she needed anything to be polite and if he was even sincere in his asking.

As much as Hannah didn’t want to tell him or have him involved, it still really hurt that he turned his back on her and their baby. She should not have told him anything. She didn’t even want to to being with. Perhaps that is why it went so badly; instead of doing what she wanted and felt was best, she listened to everyone else and did what they wanted her to do. Hannah didn’t trust her own choice. For better or worse, she now knows exactly where Paul-Louis stands and does not need to spend the rest of her life wondering and/or regretting.

The final shot in the episode felt unfair to me. Hannah was the only woman in the waiting room who was there alone. In my mind, Hannah isn’t really going through her pregnancy alone. Sure, Paul-Louis isn’t there, but she has Elijah. He was the first person that popped into my head when I asked myself why she was there by herself. He said he was ready to do this with her. That being said, he’s the only one she can count on to do this with her; her mother is a mess, Marnie isn’t even an option, Ray and Shoshanna don’t know and Jessa and Adam most certainly are the last people she would want with her.

In fact, I’m not going to dismiss Marnie just yet as someone Hannah can rely on during her pregnancy. Shockingly enough it looks like she has truly learned from an experience she had and is really trying to change and be a better person. I was amazed when she left that message to Desi. When the pawn shop owner gave her the speech about her blaming everyone for her problems and being a liar, I didn’t pay it any mind. More than once I have expected something to be a wake up call to Marnie and it wasn’t. So the fact that this time she was affected by it is astounding.

She was so annoying in the beginning of the episode. Acting like the entitled brat she always has. I had just given up hope that she would grow up and she caught me by surprise. I’m proud of her and hopefully this is real and not just a moment in which she feels bad about herself, but will return to her old ways once she feels better. Of all four of the “girls”, she has matured the least. Jessa is a close second but at least she’s in school trying to earn a degree.

I don’t know how I feel about Elijah and Dill being back together. I just know I don’t want it to be a mistake. I expected Dill’s sudden appearance to throw Elijah completely during his audition (like he thought it would), but thankfully he had Athena Dante. I would like to see her again even though I believe she is just a one off character. She was so vibrant on screen and fun to watch and she and Elijah had amazing chemistry. They got along so well for people who had only just met.

Just when I thought that he was doing well in the dance portion of the audition (I thought he wouldn’t because he looked lost when the choreography was being taught), he messed up spectacularly and it only got worse from there. It all worked out in the end because he got a call back.

Random thoughts:

  1.  I remember Smash. I loved that show.
  2. You don’t get to name it Paul-Louis! Especially not “Grover.”

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