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This episode was pretty hard to watch. Not just because of Jessa’s rapid downward spiral into her old ways and the pain she experienced, or the heart-wrenching ending between Adam and Hannah, but because it was obvious that their reunion wouldn’t last.

I was taken aback by Adam announcing to Jessa that he wanted to go back to Hannah and raise her baby with her. It kind of came out of nowhere and given what transpired between him, Jessa and Hannah, he had some nerve to want to get back into her life that way. I was surprised that Hannah didn’t react terribly to his suggestion and just went along with it; easily settling back into the swing of things. They even had sex! Which struck me as outrageous when it happened. It was like the second Adam went to Hannah, he forgot Jessa. Until Hannah brought her up when she asked what sex with her was like.

I have to say that seeing the two of them together as a lovey-dovey couple was cute and sweet. Especially when Adam spoke to her belly, having an imaginary dialogue with her baby as she stroked his hair. Later on in the episode as well when they went baby shopping and when she shared her fears of motherhood with him. Adam was the partner she needs during her pregnancy and after. The two make an amazing couple when they work and the image of what could be was damn near perfect. A little too perfect.

As was made clear at the beginning of the episode in her conversation with Elijah, Hannah was still reeling from her phone call with Paul-Louis and the fact that he didn’t want to be involved in the rearing of their child. She was at an emotional low. Then in swept Adam and he was perfectly ready and willing to take on the duties and responsibilities of fatherhood. He himself likely being in an emotional state because he had just finished recreating his relationship with Hannah on film. They were both in a place where the idea of something was very attractive to them.

I wanted them to rekindle their relationship. This was what I wanted. But there was something off about it the entire time and it just didn’t feel right. At no point did I feel like it would have worked out for them. The first crack that showed was when they were baby shopping and Hannah spaced out. It crumbled entirely when they were at the diner and Adam brought up marriage. That was when the fantasy of it all went too far.

The two of them got swept up in old feelings and the familiarity of their relationship. It was evident from the beginning that they’d come to realise that it wasn’t what they really wanted. It must have been especially hard for Hannah since she got a taste of what life could be like if she had a real partner in this. Now she knows she’s well and truly alone (although she does have Elijah but he doesn’t fit the role very well).

In my opinion Adam didn’t have as much to lose as Hannah. The hard part for him was crawling back to Jessa. She looked decidedly triumphant when he went back to her. I imagine she thought she’d won and that she got Adam once again. A few episodes ago, she seemed really competitive about her relationship with Adam as compared to Adam’s relationship with Hannah. Which is sad. As would be her feeling like she won.

It was nice to see Shoshanna for once. She’s been notably absent from the series so far this season and then very quickly disappeared once again during this episode. When we see her it’s very brief and only ever with Ray. Speaking of, I like that he’s moving on from Marnie to someone who is more suited to him. As annoying as Abigail was when she first appeared in the episode, the chemistry between her and Ray was magnetic and it was adorable seeing the two of them get along so well. She really brightened up his life.

Random thoughts:

  1. Hannah: “I’m so confused.” Me too.
  2. Jessa’s taking this really hard.
  3. Where did Shoshanna go?

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