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Marnie was even more of a pain this week. The selfishness, selfcentredness, arrogance, vanity and narcissism of that girl is beyond measure. I realise that a lot of those words mean the same thing, but with Marnie, it’s so bad it needs emphasising.

At the very beginning of the episode we had to deal with Marnie’s ego when she assumed that her break up with Ray qualified as topping Hannah’s news when she didn’t even know what Hannah’s news was (and applause to Hannah for calling out Marnie on how terrible she was to Ray). She went on to say that Ray should have been pleased she even wanted to talk to him, then she delivered and insincere apology for “topping” Hannah’s news and asked her “What’d you got?” Like it was some sort of competition as to who had the bigger news. Knowing Marnie, it probably was. She did show a glimmer of humanity, though, when she insisted that it was wrong of Hannah not to inform Paul-Louis that she’s pregnant.

That was the only time Marnie expressed any kind of care for another person. The next person upon whom she inflicted her selfishness was Desi. She doesn’t care at all about his addiction and his recovery. He was right when he said she exploits him. He was clearly not well and in a bad place and all she could do was hound up about playing a gig. She never once asked him how he was. Marnie pushed him so hard that he relapsed and got high. The two of them need to end their business relationship. He will never get better if he’s around her.

I felt a bit of schadenfreude at the fact that her performance with her mother went horribly, just as I expected it would. It started off very well, surprisingly so; she and her mother played beautifully together. But then it devolved into a disaster and for a brief moment, Marnie suffered.

Marnie wasn’t the only one to find out about the baby news this week; Hannah finally told Adam in a fit of anger when he followed her down the street, begging her to watch the film he made about them. I wish she had more of a moment with him in which we could really get his reaction. I really wanted to see how he would take it and he was, understandably, shocked (he echoed Marnie’s sentiments about Hannah not telling Paul-Louis). It seems the writers cared more about Jessa’s reception of the news, however.

Jessa apparently doesn’t understand that she and Hannah aren’t friends anymore and I don’t know why she would think they still were. It’s strange that she would think that she would have been informed of the baby news and is surprised that Hannah could so easily – to borrow Jessa’s own words – detach herself from their relationship. How does she not understand that Hannah doesn’t want anything to do with her? And why does she at all think that she has the right to feel upset about how Hannah is treating her? Does she not realise that she’s the one who ruined their friendship? Hannah’s behaviour toward her is because of what she did to her. She has to understand that.

Thankfully, Hannah’s friendship with Elijah has not gone the way of the dodo and the two of them managed to make up. He is fully on board with her keeping the baby and is ready to help her raise it. I love their friendship, so seeing them bury the hatchet – and there wasn’t even much of a hatchet to bury – was nice.

Now that Hannah’s changed her mind about now telling Paul-Louis, I hope that the fact that she couldn’t reach him the first time she called doesn’t dissuade her from doing it. It really is the fair thing to do by letting him know. As her father said, though, it’s her choice whether or not she tells him, depending on what she thinks is best for the baby. We’ll see if she actually tells him and if he steps up as a father.

Random thoughts:

  1. Still weird that Hannah is having a baby.
  2. Adam completed the film already?
  3. Hannah literally ran away from Adam.
  4. Elijah is a really good actor.
  5. Jessa: “Can I come in?” No.
  6. At least Desi encouraged you in your performance, Marnie. That’s more than you would ever do for him.

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