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Hannah spilled the beans (or rather, lentils) and told her mother that she’s pregnant. And she’s keeping her baby. Like I said in the last recap, I’m not surprised that she’s keeping it and I was more or less certain that she would. I expected that her conversation with her mother would be about her trying to decide what to do, but she already had. I must say, I’m quite proud of Hannah to have come to a decision so quickly. It astounds me every time I realise how mature she’s gotten.

And she’s unwavering in this decision too. I thought that the second Elijah started berating her about what a bad idea it would be for her to have a baby, that she would start to doubt herself. But she didn’t. Her mind is made up and she is immovable. It’s perfectly fine if she does, in fact, change her mind later, but the surety she demonstrated there was impressive.

I hated the way Elijah reacted to the news of her pregnancy. Hannah was wrong for assuming he would immediately take up the responsibility of helping her raise her child, though; that’s something she needs to talk to him about. She hit the nail on the head when she said that he wasn’t ready for it. Not to have the child with her as she wants to happen – although that is a part of it, I think – but for her to have a child period. He is her number one person right now (although he was told about the baby news second) and the baby will dethrone him. I think part of his reaction is that he will no longer have Hannah to himself.

That being said, he was unnecessarily mean to her and utterly selfish. Hannah was the grown up in that situation. She was the grown up the entire episode even, because she had to take care of her too high to function mother.

I like that, given Hannah’s impending motherhood, we got an episode in which in some ways she had to take on a paternal role. Her mother is depressed and more or less spiraling and spent the entire episode drowning herself in marijuana laced gummy worms. She had to provide emotional support for her mother and then she had to go running around Brooklyn looking for her when she ran away.

I honestly thought that she was going to announce that she had some terminal illness when she said that Hannah’s baby wouldn’t have a grandmother. But all that she meant was that she wouldn’t be able to give Hannah’s baby what Hannah’s grandparent’s did since she is single. I really wanted Adam to walk outside and overhear Hannah telling “Mira” that she’s pregnant. I just want to know what his reaction would be to the news. And Jessa’s as well. But I care more about what he would say and do.

I’m surprised that he and Jessa started filming their movie already. That was quite fast. He seems unaffected by reliving his relationship with Hannah, but Jessa, on the other hand, is bothered and very, very jealous. Which I didn’t see coming. She and Adam have been so happy together and their relationship so far this season has been solid. I didn’t see the two of them encountering any problems, nor did I think this would happen when she came up with the idea for the film.

It’s very telling how Jessa sees her relationship with Adam compared to his relationship with Hannah. It’s clear that she thinks the latter was insignificant and pales in comparison to what she has with him. Which is kind of arrogant and makes it look like she feels she is in competition with Hannah and I’m quite sure she does feel that way.

And she didn’t even read his script (surprisingly, Adam didn’t have much of a reaction to that)! As someone who described herself as built to support an artist, she should have and especially since she is the producer. She needs to know what she’s producing. She obviously thought the film would focus more on her and Adam’s love story and that is not at all the idea she pitched to him.

We’ll see if this little rift that’s developing between them turns into anything or if their relationship with last until the end of the season.

As I hoped, the death of Hermie pushed Ray to end things with Marnie. I am so very, very glad he did that. Her attempt to make him feel ashamed because death made him think differently about his life backfired. I don’t even know why she cared that he broke up with her; she wasn’t interested in him anyway. But then again, it’s Marnie. I’m sure she cared about being broken up with more than the fact that their “relationship” was over. It hurt her ego that she wasn’t the one doing the breaking up.

Random thoughts:

  1. This is only making me miss Adam and Hannah as a couple.
  2. You are a bad person Marnie.
  3. Damn Elijah, telling her she’ll make a terrible mother was a low blow.
  4. When Hannah met Mira.

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