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Things are not going well at all for Ray. Whereas last season he seemed to be on the uptick with his getting involved in politics and taking an active role in his community etc, he seems to be steadily going down now. Besides having two people die on him, his relationship (if you can even call it that) with Marnie is crumbling. Not through any fault of his own, but because of Marnie herself.

Every time I think she is going to grow up and be less of a shallow narcissist she disappoints me. She’s still the same, selfish, self centred Marnie she’s always been. Not only is she blatantly using Ray and lying to him – although she seems to be rather bored with him and disinterested now – but she made Desi’s recovery from his addiction all about her, as if her two hour massages are comparable to his process of rehabilitation. She is seriously the only one of the girls who has made absolutely no progress as a person.

I’m sure that Ray is getting tired of Marnie and her b.s. and realising that she is in no way invested in him and a relationship with him beyond sex. It was cute how he was chasing after her and everything last season because he still loved her and all of that, but Marnie is a nightmare and I have no idea what he sees in her. The look on his face as she was talking about getting an Uber and the way he just tuned her out says a lot. Hopefully seeing two deaths in one day gave him the kick in the butt he needs to leave her.

And Marnie still hasn’t told him about her brief dalliance with Desi. As I knew she wouldn’t. She doesn’t even feel bad about it, clearly. Why can’t she just be honest with Ray and tell him what it is she wants from him?

I was trying to remember if anyone on this show has been pregnant before and all I could recall is Jessa’s pregnancy scare in an earlier season. So I think that Hannah being pregnant is a first on the show. Which after all of these seasons is kind of surprising. I thought that when she got home she would have told Elijah, but it looks like she’ll be keeping it to herself for the foreseeable future.

If this was an earlier season I would 100% expect Hannah to get an abortion, just because who she was before would be in no way prepared for or be able to deal with having a child. Not that anyone truly is, but I can’t see the Hannah of previous seasons as a mother. But I can see the present Hannah keeping this baby and I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. I don’t think that she will, though.

A small part of me wished it was Adam’s. They’re still OTP for me. He treated her really badly in the beginning of the show but he became a much better boyfriend and when their relationship worked they were very cute together.

Adam and Jessa truly picked the wrong time to talk to Hannah. I was hoping that she would ignore them and blow them off, but she didn’t. Especially once she heard what they were there for. They’re right that their triangle with Hannah would make a great story. I’d actually forgotten that Adam was an actor.

Random thoughts:

  1. What is Marnie even doing with Ray?
  2. I love that Hannah can call her mother and talk to her about her UTI.
  3. I do not remember who this doctor is.
  4. Hannah’s pregnant?!

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