Girls S06E02 Recap

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When Hannah is the mature and responsible one in the situation, you know you screwed up.

I’m so glad that it looks like Marnie is finally getting away from Desi. She is my least favourite and most reviled character, but I was disappointed in her for getting back with him.

The end of the last season, to me, seemed to have promised that she would finally grow up. Then this Desi thing happened and all of those hopes were dashed…up until the moment when she found his Oxycotin and he went off.

Honestly, how she never recognised how unstable – and, quite frankly, toxic – he is is beyond me. But as Hannah said – and I’m paraphrasing here because I don’t recall her exact words – it’s hard to observe things about other people when you’re only thinking about yourself. And Marnie has, to me, been historically the most selfish in the group, with Hannah being a verclose second. But Hannah has grown up quite a lot and is not as irritating as she used to be.

She should not have told Elijah about Marnie and Desi, though. We all knew that he would spill and he did. I do not want it to get back to Ray; I don’t want him to find out that way as opposed to Marnie telling him herself. But I doubt that she will. That will only happen if she truly has grown since now (apparently) being completely done with Desi. It’s a shame that everyone but Ray knows that he’s being cheated on.

And Jessa using Marnie and Ray to excuse her and Adam…the two situations, while similar, are not exactly comparable. Shoshanna clearly is not bothered by Marnie, her friend, being involved with Ray, her ex. Hannah, Jessa’s friend, was very hurt by Jessa being involved with Adam, Hannah’s ex. Jessa is actively and unapologetically doing something that she knew was hurting someone. I’m glad Hannah was moved on from that.

Random thoughts:

  1. Marnie this is the opposite of what you said to Ray.

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