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Hannah and Paul-Louis were cute. I didn’t expect her to catch feelings so fast, or at all really. I thought that she would have taken it as a fling and promptly forget about it once she returned home. I knew he was going to say something to ruin her plans of moving there to stay with him. It was a dumb idea to begin with; to just pick up her life for a guy she’d just met. As the words were coming out of her mouth I knew she was making a mistake.

I have no clue what her article is going to be about now, not that we’ll ever find out, but I’m still curious. She did nothing she was supposed to do or would have had to do in order to write about the subject matter she was given. I genuinely wonder if her editor would be upset about her writing something completely different.

And speaking of, said editor came off as totally disingenuous when they met.

I’d like to read the piece that Hanna wrote about Adam and Jessa. I love the two of them as characters, but I hate what they did and are continuing to do. Honestly though, it’s a little hard to pick the bad guy in that situation because on the one hand Jessa betrayed Hannah knowing that it would hurt her and refused to stop, on the other hand Hannah could be seen as being selfish and in essence trying to stop her friend from being happy.

Ultimately I’m on Hannah’s side and I believe she made the best decision. In ending her friendship with Jessa she removed herself from a painful situation and gave Jessa and Adam the space to do what made them happy. Unfortunately, she lost two friends in the process.

Jessa and Adam were really douchey to Ray by shoving all of his stuff into a corner for “sex reasons.” Understandably, Ray wasn’t exactly staying there, but they treated it so flippantly and like a joke and like they didn’t care that he was upset about it.

Marnie’s reason for pretty much kicking him out makes no sense to me. Why have a boyfriend at all if she’s trying to take things slow – with life on a whole – while she’s going through this divorce?  Having a boyfriend while still married only complicates things. I don’t buy her reason at all and am fully convinced she is lying to Ray.

Then she just went and slept with Desi, the biggest mistake of her life. Even if she wasn’t dating Ray I would have still scoffed at her for that because it’s Desi. She doesn’t need to go back there. But her sleeping with him is made even worse by her having a boyfriend.

I do understand her discomfort with Ray staying with Shoshanna, but we all know nothing is going to happen there. As should she. And I do think that, Marnie being Marnie, her sleeping with Desi was partially motivated by how she felt seeing Ray and Shoshanna get along so well.

Random thoughts:

  1. Obviously if you’re naked under the wet suit Hannah you shouldn’t undress right there. Can’t tell if she was sincere or trolling.
  2. Hannah and her sloppy and awkward but 100% confident dancing are back!
  3. I love how they took the cliché romantic beach scene and made it more realistic and funny and not some idealised fantasy.

Girls airs Sundays at 10 PM on HBO.

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