Girlish Number E10 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

Chitose meets her new manager, a (way too) energetic Matsuoka. He is going to be an aide to Gojo until he can properly take over Chitose’s workload (He’s already proven himself too much for Chitose within the first minute).

Chitose wastes no time in being smug towards the new girl Nanami, but little does she know that the President no longer has her in his best interests. He states to Gojo that he hasn’t seen any growth from her compared to Nanami and he is therefore ready to cut her off and move on to the next star.

At the final rehearseal for the agency’s Christmas event, Chitose says she’s been feeling more tired than usual, despite Matsuoka’s attempts to keep her involved in the rehearsal, but in reality, she has been extremely lazy, thinking things will just fall into her lap because she got a lead role. While Nanami and the others head out to practice once more, Gojo tries to hint to Chitose how everyone will leave her behind at this rate.

Chitose overhears some event staff members talking about a surprise- she assumes it’s because her birthday is shortly coming up, but alas it isn’t. It’s actually to celebrate the surprise debut of Nanami’s first CD. This sends shock waves of jealousy and resent through Chitose, now that she finally acknowledges that everyone has moved on from her and has diverted all of their attention towards Nanami, even the fans.

We find out that Kuzu has been skipping work to try and beat records that his former co-worker set. He feels as though he wasn’t needed, so when Towada calls him about needing an extra person for some deliveries, it fires Kuzu up.

I’m starting to feel a bit sad for Chitose, but was this all deserved? Maybe. What do you think? What will this lead to? See you next time!

Ja Ne!

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