Girlish Number E09 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

At the first recording for the second season of Kusure, it clear that Momoka and Kazuha have grown closer since Yamagata. The agency has a newbie seiyuu named Nanami and Kazuha reminds Chitose that with Nanami around now, Chitose should step up her game and not remain in the same stale position.

Kuzu has been showing up less and less, spending more of his time at the hostess bar. Towada said that Kuzu was known for working hard hard before moving over to their side, but it was because of a co-worker, Shakuji, at his former company who constantly outshone him.

Nanami joins the team with the president while they having drinks. She  acts as a newbie should, pouring drinks for those who have been in the business longer than her. When asked about her thoughts on Kusure, Nanami is very earnest in what she thinks. SHe expresses her love for the show with the amount of research she has done in collecting and reading the first prints of the original works. The only critism she had for the show was that she wished more people watched it.. (Urk! I can’t stand this sort of person)  which seems to impress the staff, including the author’s editor.

Another day, in a meeting with the President, he informs Chitose and Gojo that he wants Nanami to audition for a role and for Gojo to be in charge of her. He said that the way she expressed herself was impressive so he wants to give her a try. Gojo is reluctant at first, but soon accepts it. Chitose is clearly bothered by the fact that this newwbie is taking all of the attention away from her, plus Gojo and she thinks aloud about quitting the industry just as her brother did after only getting one lead role……….Awkward……see you next time!

Ja Ne!

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