Girlish Number E08 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

Kazuha, her Manager, Momoka, Towada, and ugh…Kuzu finally arrive at the inn that her family owns and runs in Yamagata. Shortly after they arrive, Kazuha’s father enters, and Towada wastes no time ejecting Kuzu out of the room and the conversation for fear of him making things worse. As the two profusely apologize to him, Kazuha’s father accepts their humbleness and thanks them for looking after his daughter.

As they discuss her present and future works, Kazuha gets into an argument with her father who tells she may as well go back home. Her mother however, interjects and insists that they at least stay the night.

While Kuzu, Towada and Manager indulge in the hot springs, Kazuha takes Momoka sight seeing. They eventually get talking and Kazuha finds out that Momoka hasn’t told her manager or anyone else that she dumped the Pure Para dinner meeting to travel to Yamagata.

After a bit of discussion, Momoka feels better and finally calls her manager, after ignoring phone calls all day. She finds out that her mother was also worried about her, but Momoka gathers her courage and tells her mother that she doesn’t want to be in the same show as her, that show being Pure Para. Momoka says that she’d rather get the part on her own terms, rather than just because she is Sakura’s daughter.

When they return to the inn, Kazuha finds out from her mother that her father did a lot of research in regards to her work when she first left. He just has a hard time expressing himself, just like she does. The next day, everyone makes their return trip to Tokyo in good spirits, well, except for Towada, Manager and Kuzu who all have tremendous hangovers after drinking heavily the night before. See you next time!

Ja Ne!

Girlish Number airs on Crunchyroll every Wednesday at 1:00PM (AST)

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