Girlish Number E07 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

In her drunken state from the last episode, Momoka and Chitose carry Kazuha home to her apartment (the latter reluctantly) to find her mother surprisingly waiting in the apartment. She saw the swimsuit ad and got terribly worried at Kazuha’s workload.


The next day, Kazuha’s mother shows up again at a Kuzure recording unannounced which upsets her immensely. We can see that Kuzuha is terribly bothered by her presence in the studio. Throughout the recording, Momoka seems a bit resentful by Kazuha’s attitude towards her mother as her parents don’t seem to have any time for her at all. When she tries to get Kazuha to speak to her father on the phone, Kuzu takes the phone and completely goes off the rails about the work Kazuha does. He makes her sound as though she is doing work just to appeal to the opposite sex.


When he upsets her father, Kuzu hands the phone to Towada who then proceeds to apologize to him over the phone. When her mother heads back to Yamagata, Towada and Kazuha’s agent decide to head over there on a day off so that they can apologize to her father in person. Unfortunately, Kuzu decides that he’s going as well (worst nightmare)


When she seems unsure, Koto takes Kazuha aside and explains to her that she should go home while she as she notices how much her parents have aged every time she goes home. Gozo in the meantime, refuses to permit Chitose to go on the trip, despite her constant whining.


Momoka bumps into Yae at an audition. When the two get chatting, Yae finds out that Momoka’s mother, Sakura is set to be on the next installment of Pure Para. When she later on lets her mother know about the results of the bonus footage, Momoka is disappointed about her mother’s response to receiving gravure offers.


The next morning, Momoka surprises Kuzuha and company at the train station. She comes under the pretense of checking out the Yamagata scenes and sights, but it’s actually just so she can temporarily escape her life of being overshadowed by her mother.


What will this trip accomplish for everyone? Will Kazuha make up with her father? Will Kuzu mess everything up even more? Probably. See you next time!


Ja Ne!

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