Girlish Number E06 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

Kuzu has proven that he is indeed the highest form of kuzu (trash). Even though the budget is well in the red, he still used company funds to fly the cast and staff out to Okinawa, without telling anyone at his office in order to shoot bonus footage. Chitose is skittish in the presence of a camera as per her live stream disaster from the last episode, but once Gojo assures her that it is only a recording and not the former, Chitose reverts back to her old detestable self. The video is supposed to allow the viewers to connect with the seiyuu on a more personal level by shooting some fun along the Okinawan beach-side, but Kazuha is greatly displeased about the quality of the swimsuits they have been assigned until Gojo gets both sides to compromise.

The shoot is over and the girls are drinking up an alcoholic storm in their hotel room. Through all the silliness, Kazuha and Koto find time for a conversation  as they reflect on their marketability as the eldest members of the main cast, which ends up turning into a fun-filled pillow fight with the others. We even see Kazuha’s Yamagata accent slip out in a state of drunkenness and the others have a good laugh out of the whole thing.

Back home, while Kuzu is reprimanded for his actions by his supervisor, Momoka is approached by the Producer of a show that her mother once worked on. He is interested in casting her for a part alongside her mother. Momoka has this air of resent about her. She hates the fact that people are always bringing up her mother in conversations(her mother is a very famous seiyuu) and not acknowledging her own talents, which she clearly seems to work hard in developing in order to set herself apart. Her parents tell her that they will continue to support her as they always have, no matter what her decision is. This eases Momoka’s anxiety a bit and she happily heads up to bed.

At the less than exciting Kusure wrap-up party, Trash announces the second season, but he ends up passing everything over to Towada later, much to his unpleasant surprise. What will happen when things kick back off? See you in the next episode!

Ja Ne!

Girlish Number airs on Crunchyroll every Wednesday at 1:00PM (AST)

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