Girlish Number E05 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

Chitose goes into an Animate store (an actual popular anime retail franchise in Japan) to check out how the series is doing and bumps into Koto and Yae. Although she is so pleased with having hit a 10,000 mark from just the single for the opening song, the anime is doing badly in sales. Everyone else is trying to put this bad reputation of the anime behind them and move onto greater things but Chitose is more attached to the show as it’s lead heroine and therefore, isn’t convinced that it was all bad.

It’s the final recording session and Kuzu is speaking the creator’s editor. The creator’s side is concerned with how far the anime distanced itself from the light novel in an episode, but the staff are overworked and are behind schedule. If they began making corrections now, not only would they fall even further behind, the final episode would end up being a recap.

Some time later, Chitose, Koto and Yae go to Comiket to hand out autographed postcards to fans who have pre-ordered  the Blu-Ray. A few hundred fans show up, but it proves to be not much compared to another event that has Momoka at the forefront of it. During a financial meeting, Kuzu throws Towada under the bus and then later apologizes for it and then two of them head out to a bar where Kuzu says that he has a secret plan to squeeze in the recently announced second season of Kusure.

Gojo arrives home to find Chitose in tears. She watched the post-broadcast of the Comiket event and got nothing but nasty comments from the people who were online at the time. Gojo tells her that she shouldn’t be upset (well, she brought it on herself) and that she should read some surveys from the event so that she can improve herself. Chitose however, refuses to read anything else that is bad about her and storms off.

Oh boy, what is Kuzu’s plan and will this really end up being kuzu (trash)? See you guys for the next episode!

At Girlish Number airs on Crunchyroll every Wednesday at 1:00PM (AST)

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