Girlish Number E04 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

The main cast of the anime are at the early-screening event for the first episode. Kuzu is giving everyone a pep talk when he discovers that the author has not shown up to the screening, and his editor says that it is because he has to work on a manuscript. Koto and Yae express their nervousness on singing the TV version of the anime, but Chitose shrugs it off saying she isn’t nervous and she practiced the full version of the song till late last night. Chitose is trying to make herself look as though she is better than the others, by trying to assure them that it’s kay if they mess up snce it isn’t being recorded live, but Kuzuha lets her know that staying up at late hours before of an event isn’t what any self aware professional would do. Momoka backs her up by saying that the song isn’t even difficult to learn.


Kuzu gets a phone call and calls Gojo outside to give him some breaking news. First of all, the actresses will need to sing the full version of the song as the event has suddenly gained some extra stage time and secondly, the episode hasn’t been completed in time for the event. Kuzu says they’ll just throw together what was already completed along with scenes from the PV and they’ll have the episode ready in time for the actual broadcast. The event is also going to end up being broadcast live. (Oh dear) Gojo expresses his concerns about how the audience will react, but Kuzu says they’ll be too hyped up by the presence of the seiyuu to notice.


Yae and Koto express their discontent with doing the full version             of the song since they only learnt the TV version as instructed. Although Kuzuha and Momoka let them know that being able to sing it is part of the job, the two girls are reluctant, until Chitose says she’ll back them up in the parts they aren’t familiar with.


While the event begins, Kuzu meets the editor in the hallway and apologizes for the non-completion of the episode for the event. The editor says that it doesn’t matter because he expected it. He then proceeds to ask about progression of the storyboards so that the author’s side can do their checks, but Kuzu is clearly procrastinating and trying to stall for time. Back to the event, the audience members have picked up on the lack of the first episode. Some of them start to get worked up when Chitose works with the other girls to divert their attention to their singing of opening song, which somehow works. The event is over and Yae and Koto thank Chitose for backing them up. Kuzu comes and showers Chitose with compliments and then excuses himself and Gojo. He tells Gojo that because it was so well received, that they should do a live stream every month at the after-recording sessions so they can hype the series up even more. With a dejected look on his face, Gojo says he’ll check about readjusting the schedules for the girls.


Chitose is scrolling through all the tweets from the event and has filtered it down to posts with her name as a hashtag. Koto comes up to her and asks her and Yae to hang out the day of the first episode’s release. When Yae tells her that they’re going to watch it at Koto’s house while live-tweeting, Chitose gets excited and accepts their invitation. While Kuzuha and Momoka leave, they have another discussion on Kuzuha”s dissatisfaction with how things are going. Momoka says that what the team wants from them and maybe that’s why the author didn’t show up.


Chitose lets Gojo know that she is leaving home for the night. She meets up with Koto and Yae at a Tanabata festival being held at a shrine and the three have a good time and write their wishes onto the bamboo. Two of them make wishes with the anime adaption in mind, but alas Chitose is thinking selfish thoughts, yet again. She says that she wished for the same thing as them, but it was totally untrue. The group arrives at Koto’s house and Chitose tries to make it seem as thought Koto is not a tidy person but that is not the case. We then find out that Chitose herself isn’t tidy and Gojo is always running around picking up after her.


The others then see that Chitose replies to all of her fans comments, which she tries to be humble about, but she is actually just trying to surpass another seiyuu on Twitter who has twice as many followers as herself. We move over to the publishing office where the editor of the light novel is reminded of the screening of the first episode of the series. He says he saw it but it wasn’t that big of a deal. As the broadcast begins and the girls settle down to watch it, they are surprised by the outcome in a bad way. Koto is expressing her disappointment on the episode. Yae tries to make it seem as though the team tried their best, but she then looks in the corner to see Chitose engrossed in her Twitter stats. See you next time!


Girlish Number airs on Crunchyroll every Wednesday at 1:00PM (AST)

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