Girlish Number E02 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

Chitose is still reeling in excitement from getting the lead in a new light-novel adapted anime series. Elsewhere, in a production meeting, things aren’t looking good for Kuzu and co. The mangaka (author of the book) seems to have concerns with the vamped-up design of the characters, but Kuzu says it isn’t that bad and the Director agrees with him. The President also sort of agrees, only stating he agrees with it because it’s what the line producer decided to go with. The President says if they have to start over it’ll take up time, but even so the author is still not 100% happy and would like the anime staff to consider his opinions as well since it is his book.

Kuzu says even if they agree to the authors’ demands there is not much time left before the broadcast. Even if they were to reverse the advertising schedule, they would like to at least show the promotional video at the kickoff event. They then come to a conclusion that they’ll bring in a separate individual to make the PV. This will now give the staff enough time to work on altering the character design for the actual series.

Elsewhere, Chitose arrives at a studio and we meet one of her co-workers, Yae. The chichat about their work, but Chitose is too busy being smug about her new role. She heads to a meeting with Gojo to meet the rest of the main cast. Surprise! Yae is part of the cast! There is also another girl who Chitose has never seen before and she introduces herself as Koto Katakura with this distinct Kansai dialect that I love to bits.


Koto (LEFT) & Yae-chan (RIGHT)

Chitose appears gobsmacked at her situation as she probably thought that she was the lead heroine. Gojo tells her off for not reading the original work when he told her to because the show is a harem with five heroines in total. Chitose becomes pissed off and thinks that Yae was plotting against her to take her role. (paranoid much?)


Kuzu and some other people join the meeting and inform the three girls that day will be forming a special idol unit and making a CD debut to promote the anime and performing a in concert. The meeting finishes and while heading out to the launch party, Chitose asks Gojo to tell her the other cast members. It turns out that Momoka and Kazuha from the previous episode will be joining them. Because Momoka is well-known in the industry, just the fact that Chitose is even acquainted with her amazes the other two girls. We find out that Koto is older than the other two, even as a newbie but Chitose is showing off her acquaintance with Momoka by messaging her, but Momoka blows her off.


At the party we find out that there are even more big names joining the cast which makes cast list seem very appealing but those actors are only going to be guest starring in one episode. Koto is a bit worried that all these big names will force them into shadows but Kuzu reassures her that they will stand out because the author himself chose them. Later on, Kuzu gives the key visuals to Assistant Producer Towada. The minute he looks, Towada Immediately voiced his concerns on the quality for the price they paid (1,600 YEN, which works out at around $15.27US) Cruz tries to motivate him into taking out the best parts, which Towada will do, but he is still worried.


The next morning, Momoka and Kazuha join Chitose, Koto and Yae for a meeting on the proceedings for the kick-off event. Yae is super nervous as this is her first ever event. As they get their hair and make-up done for the shoot, Momoko and Kazuha have a conversation that intrigues us. Kazuha doesn’t enjoy doing events like these and wan        ts to be taken seriously as an actor. Momoka just lets her know that doing events is part of the job and that she should just do what she’s supposed to.


We fast forward to the event which goes off without a hitch. We find out at that Koto is a little bit of an anime enthusiast, as she does illustration herself. In the green room, the girls are discussing their feelings on the event. Kuzuha is dissatisfied, as nothing has been recorded and no key visuals have been assigned as of yet, due to the anime staff having to revamp the design at the author’s concern. Kuzuha and Momoka then leave and Kuzu gets called away by a phone call from the editor-in-chief of the light-novel so Yae, Chitose and Koto decide to go and celebrate by themselves.


As they reminisce about their days-in-training, Koto tells them that she is no longer in contact with anyone from her class. Yae then tells Chitose that she went to a reunion with other students from their voice-training school. Chitose is surprised by this, because she wasn’t told about it. (That’s what you get for having a haughty attitude)


The scene cuts to yet another meeting on character design for the anime staff, which Kuzu is uncomfortable with and the author shows a look of frustration, and then the episode ends. See you next time!


Side note, I love the ending, it’s very cute.

Girlish Number airs on Crunchyroll every Wednesday at 1:00PM (AST)

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