Gaming News: 30th September, 2016 Edition

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This week, our first procedural generated topic is of course on No Man’s Lie Sky. News confirmed yesterday by Eurogamer was that No Man’s Sky was being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK. The agency is investigating whether Hello Games had misled its customers by showing videos, screenshots and other forms of media that “allegedly” did not match with the final game product released to the

The investigation of course is still in its early stages, so the ASA declined to comment further, but one of the complainants revealed details of its response in a post on Reddit.

For us gamers, it was hard not to notice the incredible backlash after the release of No Man’s Sky. Tons of promises and over hype done by Hello Games, aided in leaving gamers feeling cheated out of the gaming experience they believe for the most part they were promised. So much promises were made about the game, that even a Reddit thread was created to compare the promised game features versus what we actually got.

ASA came to notoriety in the past, after it made Sega admit that early trailers for Aliens: Colonial Marines did not accurately showcase the final graphical fidelity of the game. Even the Pay to Win “Free-to-Play” game Dungeon keeper, had stop marketing itself as free to play. This was after the agency found that many of the game’s functionality required some form of payment to be playable.

We await word on the ASA’s findings in their investigation.

Destiny is without a doubt, one of the most popular online shooters released in the last decade. With an estimated 30 million registered users since 2013, it’s no surprise that Bungie wants to increase the player numbers in the next instalment. destiny-iron-banner-01A rumor surfaced Tuesday thanks to NeoGAF saying that “somebody that works at Activision” confirmed that PC support will be available for Destiny 2. Even though as of now it’s purely he say she say, it is not hard to imagine the sequel for the popular game coming for PC (masterrace). Gaming on pc has grown significantly year to year- Activision would have to be silly not to want a piece of the lucrative market.

And finally, EA released some news about Battlefield 1’s single player campaign titled War Stories. The campaign will consist of five mini campaigns that will take players around the world to regions such as the Middle East deserts, the Alps. France and more.

A few of note will be “Nothing is Written” which will take gamers to the exotic deserts of the Middle East to fight alongside the infamous Lawrence of Arabia. You two will go head to head against the fierce Ottoman Empire. “The Runner” will place you in control of an Anzac runner delivering highly important messages at the very frontline of a naval invasion against the same Ottoman Empire

See the video below for more details.

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