Gaming News: 21st October, 2016 Edition

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After years of hiding in the ever growing shadow created by Microsoft and Sony in the console wars, Nintendo needed to come back fighting. Every year, the Japanese company was the butt of many jokes for several reasons- when one thinks about a console that is supported heavily by 1st and 3rd party game studios, the Wii U was never thought about, and for good reason at that.

Go ahead, name for me the top 5 new games released on the Wii U in the last nine months… no clue? Yes I thought so as well.

I am pleased to say that Nintendo has decided to come back with a vengeance; I give you, the Nintendo Switch!!

Bizarre name yes, however it does serve a purpose- this console (not even sure you can call it that) is modular, and able to go from being used in your typical home setting hooked up to a television, or taking on the go and using the built in screen to play your games. Sounds crazy? It is, but it is also brilliant!

Things to keep in mind after seeing that promo video:

  • The dock is not the main console unit- Nintendo confirmed with IGN “the main unit of Nintendo Switch is the unit that has the LCD screen.” The dock’s main functions are TV output and power/charging, which effectively means this system was indeed designed from the ground up to be a portable device
  • This system is not backwards compatible, so there be no Wii U or 3DS games available natively to the system
  • It has Amiibo support- Yay!

Creating a system that fuses the much loved original Wii and the equally loved 3DS, is a bold move by Nintendo, let us look forward to official release to see how practical the device is.

This week’s news was not only about Nintendo, after nearly six years since the original release of Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar games has finally announced the sequel along with a trailer. Once again we get to dive deep in to this gritty western themed open-world game. Enjoy the trailer and all its goodness down below.

Lastly we have some rumours from the grapevine, of the possible upcoming release of Diablo 4?

Several shady reports have occurred recently that the new “Diablo 4” is in the works and development, but the new stayed as a rumor until this week. Where some attendees to BlizzCon claimed that a four-sided dice that Blizzard is about to give away has some print error a there is a subtle tease. Also in a tween from David Brevik, one of Blizzard’s game advisors, showed an image of constellation with a message that hinted a new Diablo game is in the works. All of this sounds pretty far-fetched if you ask me, however we shall stay tuned as more info comes to light.

What are your thoughts on the gaming stories for this week, and for more gaming and tech news, stay locked to this channel.

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