Daily News Roundup – September 26th 2016

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  1. Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed to Empire Magazine that he will make an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War as Dr. Strange. He was quoted as saying “To get us all together will be quite something. That’s why this character is being introduced, to open up the next chapter… So watch this space to see how that unfolds.” Dr. Strange and Avengers: Infinity War will be released on November 4th, 2016 and May 4th 2018, respectively.
  2. Herschell Gordon Lewis has died. The 87 year old horror filmmaker and “Godfather of Gore” reportedly died in his sleep. He pioneered the “splatter film” genre of horror in the 1960’s and his work inspired Quentin Tarantino, James Gunn, John Waters and Robert Rodriguez. His films included A Taste of Blood, The Wizard of Gore, The Gruesome Twosome, She-Devils on Wheels and Scum of the Earth!
  3.  The VR (virtual reality), animated, short film Invasion is getting a feature length film adaptation. The short premiere at the Tribeca film festival earlier this year and has been available to view on Samsung’s Gear VR headset and the Oculus Rift. Roth Kirschenbaum Films will produce the film. The short can be seen in 360° video here: Invasion! Sneak Peek 360.








  1. Netflix released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Luke Cage series which will be released this Friday, September 30th. It is the third Marvel series that the internet streaming service has produced, the first two being the very well received Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Luke Cage was introduced in the latter series as the love interest of the titular super heroine. You can watch the new Luke Cage trailer here: Luke Cage | Streets Trailer [HD] | Netflix
  2. Over on the DC side of TV, the CW released a two minute clip from the upcoming second season of SupergirlSuperman, as played by Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin, joined the show’s roster of characters this season and can be seen in the clip helping Kara rescue a falling aircraft. The series has moved from CBS to the CW this season and will premiere on October 10th at 8 PM. You can head over to Entertainment Weekly to view the clip.
  3. These week’s episode of ABC’s award winning sitcom Modern Family will feature an openly transgender child actor. In the episode entitled “A Stereotypical Day”, Cameron and Mitchell’s daughter, Lily, has a play date with a transgender friend from school named Tom (played by transgender child actor Jackson Milarker. More details on the story can be found over on Variety.
  4. Will & Grace, the hit NBC sitcom that ended in 2006’s, main cast Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes starred together in a pro-Hillary Clinton video which was released this evening. The cast teased a reunion prior to the video’s release, posting photos on their social media pages from the set and a teaser trailer of sorts. The video can be seen here: ***OMG!*** NEW “Will & Grace” scene about 2016 Election.



  1. Drake released his short film Please Forgive Me exclusively on Apple Music. The film was originally scheduled to be released on Friday, but arrived early this morning. Shot in one week in Johannesburg, South Africa, the 23 minute was directed by Anthony Mandler and stars Popcaan, Fanny Neguesha, Soni Chidiebere and Kyla Reid. Apple music shared a 33 second preview of the film on Twitter.
  2. Gucci Mane released a certified NSFW animated music video for his single “All My Children”, that would fit in nicely on Adult Swim. The song is from his most recent album, Everybody Looking, which was released in July. The video can be seen here: Gucci Mane – All My Children [Official Music Video].
  3. The Chainsmokers released a preview of their upcoming single “All We Know” on SnapChat. The song features vocals from Phoebe Ryan and Taggart and will be released this Friday, September 30th. Listen to the preview here: “All We Know” [Preview].
  4. Youtube-MP3.org is being sued by Universal, Warner Bros, Sony and other major record labels for providing a service that allows user to rip audio from YouTube videos. The target of the lawsuit is a German citizen by the name of Philip Matesanz and his company, which the lawsuit refers to as the “chief offender, accounting for upwards of 40% of all unlawful stream ripping that takes place in the world.” Billboard has more details on this story.


  1. Bandai has opened pre-orders on clothing items inspired by Yoshikage Kira from Jojo’ Bizzare Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.  The items will not be available until December.  You can view the items that will be on sale over at Crunchyroll.7d413b16a69af23e142f978e49659ca625e3b68e_57e7e0e11b894
  2. A new promotional image for the Assassination Classroom The Movie: 365 Days (Ansatsu Kyōshitsu 365 Hi no Jikancompilation film was released on the anime’s official website. The image shows Nagisa and Karma standing outside of the E-Class classroom, seven years after the events of the anime/manga as adults. The film will have a limited release on November 19th.
  3. The Berserk franchise is getting it’s own guide book, Berserk Official Guide Book (which cover Volumes 1-38 of the manga) and now has an album,  Ash Crow; a collection of music created by Susumu Hirasawa over the last twenty years for it’s various anime and game adaptations. Head over to Crunchyroll for preview images from the guidebook and listen to Ash Crow here: Ash Crow – 平沢進 Susumu Hirasawa Soundtracks for BERSERK.

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