Bungo Stray Dogs S02E05 Recap

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 Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)


Hurrah! We go back to our original cast!

Naomi and Junichirou Tanizaki are settling into their lunch of curry rice after a small *ahem incident. Naomi ask sher brother why he feels the need to work at the table and he tells her that he has the police records for the interviews of Kyouka, a girl that Atsushi rescued from being killed by the Port Mafia in the first season. As he looks over the records he says that Kyouka was an orphan because her parents were killed and he knows who the culprit is.


At the agency, Atsushi gives Kyouka her first job for the Agency. It involves her delivering an envelope containing some evidence to a judge within a Court. When Atsushi picks up on her determination and asks if she’s excited because it is her first job, Kyouka says says no because her first job was to infiltrate a building and kill two people (uh….right) Nevertheless, she says she’ll do her best.


When they arrive at the courthouse, the guards will not let her through, even though the appointed time is at hand. The judge won’t pick up his phone and Atsushi won’t allow her to use deadly viokence on the guard, so Kyouka sneaks into the Switch room and shoots the circuit with her stun gun, causing a blackout that allows her to get past the guards in the midst of panic. She reaches the judges room and tazes him, which she was not supposed to do, and therefore, gets in a heap of trouble when ll is said and done.


Kyouka sits outside looking depressed with herself when Atsushi brings her a parfait to cheer her up. He assures her that the president was able to settle things because he is friends with the judge. He notices that Kyouka is still holding onto the phone used to control her ability Demon Snow and says if they can find out more about her ability and she is eventually able to control Demon Snow on her own, Kyouka could use her abilities for good, but she is adamant on never using her ability again. The phone then rings and a voice tells Demon Snow to punish those who teach Kyouka a world of lies. atsushi then finds himself keeling over, blood gushing out of his mouth. Demon Snow has stabbed him with it’s long sword from behind.


The voice turns out to be a Port Mafia Executive by the name of Kouyou Omisaki who says she has been worried for Kyouka’s safety since the Agency took her in. She wanted to retrieve Kyouka for a long time but she waited on Mori’s permission and is intent on taking her back to the Port Mafia. Atsushi tries to stop them from leaving, but Omisaki’s ability ‘Golden Demon’ activates and stabs him into a pilla with the intention of killing himr. Omisaki says that Mori wants everyone in the Agency killed but because she pleaded for Kyouka’s life to be spared, Mori made an exception.


Kyouka begs Omisaki to stop but that just irritates her even further. Omisaki takes out her own word and puts it to Atsushi’s throat until Kyouka gives in and says she’ll go with her as long as she doesn’t kill Atsushi. They begin to walk away when Kyouka tries to stab Omisaki, making her jump back. Kyouka tells Omisaki that she is never going back to a world where she only knew darkness.


Elsewhere a caravan carrying two men has slammed into a telephone pole. One of the men complains about Japan’s roads being too narrow. The other elderly looking man says that they just walk to their destination as their luggage will be there any minute and he wants to get it over with so that he can go back inside. Back to the fight, Omisaki reitterates that Kyouka belongs in the darkness, but the latter continues to refuse and the then former reveals that it is Demon Snow who killed Kyouka’s parents. Kyouka has just about lost all hope when a car comes flying their way. It is Doppo Kunikida and Kenji Miyazawa to the rescue after they noticed that Kyouka’s phone take a call by way of a tracer. The two sides are about to face off when the two men from the accident arrive and ask that everyone clear a path for their luggage. Sure enough, a huge item crashes into the ground revealing four individuals who Kunikida identifies as gifted members of the Guild. The screen goes black for a minute and then we see the third set of people are walking away from the scene, leaving nothing short of a bloody mess behind them.


Fast forward to what looks like an operating table Atsushi opens his eyes to see Doctor Yosano came over him with a chainsaw which scares the crap out of him. It seems that someone discovered there unconscious bodies and took them back to the agency for treatment. The president comes back and ask how they are all doing and then says he’s going out, even against Atsushi’s advice.


Elsewhere Elise and Mori are socializing over sweets when another Executive Chuya Nakahara, also known as Dazai’s former partner walks in and lets Mori know that Omisaki has been taken hostage. Mori then suggests that they have president of the agency killed so that they can focus on the Guild.


Back of the agency, Dazai and Atsushi are trying to interrogate Omisaki. She initially refuses because of the Port Mafia’s code, so Dazai kicks Atsushi out of the room so that he can interrogate her in his own twisted way. Meanwhile The president is out by a warehouse outlet. He is speaking to Kunikida about the team relocating to another base when he is ambushed by the assassins that were hired by the Port Mafia. When Atsushi hears about this, he tries to go to the President’s aid but Kunikida stops him and demonstrates that the President is fine, considering his skills.


The team has successfully relocated and the President lets them know about their two foes and how they must put their all into protecting the Agency. Dazai has a plan ready using guerrilla tactics by splitting them into one defensive and two offensive teams. Their critical goal would be to protect Yosano as she can heal them. They will utilize Tanizaki’s Light Snow and Dazai’s nullification ability to surprise their enemy. The three-way battle is about to begin….


See you next week!

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