Bungo Stray Dogs S02E03 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)

The scene starts off in a rainy monochrome setting. A man with a blacked-out face asks what appears to be a young man also with a blacked-out face what interests him to keep reading a certain book over and over. The young man says it’s interesting and he’s read it many times. The older man insists that there are better reading materials out there and then he asks where the third part of the book is, revealing it to be a trilogy. The young man replies that he has repeatedly searched for it but hasn’t had any luck locating it. The older man then concludes that part 3 of that story is the worst and the young man should consider himself satisfied with the first two books of the trilogy. The young man says he can’t do that, so the old man then tells him to write it himself. He explains that it’s the only way that the young man will be able to keep that story perfect. He states that “To write a story is to write about a person and how that person should live and die”, and the old man believes that the young man has the potential to do so. The young man asks who the older gentleman is and as he is about to give his name, blackness………….AHHMAIGARD WHAT A CLIFFHANGER TO START WITH!!!


Oda wakes up in a bed with Dazai at his side. Apparently he made a breakthrough and survived the poison. He tells Dazai how he found Ango at Mimic’s headquarters and how he escaped with some black Special Ops. The two men are further discussing which organization to prioritize, and as the Ops seem to be working for a separate organization Mimic is definitely the more dangerous enemy. Dazai says that the most frustrating part about it is that they don’t know what the leader looks like or what his ability is. On a side note, Akutagawa also comes up in the conversation as Oda confirms what he has heard about his abilities. Dazai says that Akutagawa has potential to become the strongest Mafia member in the future but he is utilizing his ability the wrong way. Dazai is trying to teach him that there are other ways of using his ability besides for simply killing. Dazai says that Akutagwa and other subordinates are in the midst of what was an ambush attack by some Mimic soldiers. On hearing this, Oda grabs his guns and heads towards the scene. When Dazai asks why he’s doing this, Oda says that he’s racked up a lot of debts in his life and if his subordinates are in trouble they need help.


We head over to the scene where the fight is taking place as Akutagawa easily dispatches of some enemy Mimic soldiers.  We can see that he has learnt from his previous mistake and is now using his ability as a defensive mechanism for guns. Clearly frustrated by only having to dispose of small fry, Akutagawa challenges a man who reveals himself from the darkness. The man’s name is Gide and he is the leader of Mimic.  Akutagawa sees this as an opportunity to be noticed by Dazai for killing the leader of the organization that they so despise, so he challenges him to a showdown.  Akutagawa tries to attack but Gide seems to know his every move eventually closing in on Akutagawa and putting his Graugeist to his head. Ashamed of his defeat, Akutagawa tells Gide to pull the trigger but before he can, Oda arrives in the nick of time and saves Akutagawa from certain death. He puts Akutagawa over his shoulder and heads out.


When Oda tells him who he is as they escape, Akutagawa tries to impale him, but Oda’s ability kicks in, allowing him to prevent the attack. Akutagawa expresses his pure hatred for Oda taking away Dazai’s attention from him and tries to attack again but Oda successfully knocks him out before he can do any further damage. Gide appears saying that Oda the person that he has been searching for. Oda’s ability starts to take effect but something is wrong. He is shown a future where he is shot in the head everytime, no matter where he tries to dodge. When Oda demands that Gide explain to him what’s going on, Gide tells him that he saw two futures where Oda would dodge so he adjusted his aim both times. They two men share the same ability. WHAT THE….

Gide says Oda is the only one who can kill him and end the war between the Port Mafia and Mimic. When Oda refuses to do so, Gide becomes furious and demands to know why he will not do so. Apparently the members of Mimic have been searching all over the world for a place worthy of death and he insists that Oda should be the one to carry out their wishes. Oda reveals to him (and to us watching, finally) that he refuses to kill because he wants to become a writer…………..HUH?! So…the young man is revealed to have been Oda…I still want to know who that old man is though -_- Oda tells Gide a man who takes lives cannot write about lives and that is why he won’t kill. After exchanging more heated words and gunshots, Gide retreats for the time being but he says that he will make Oda understand what sort of organisation Mimic really is.

We switch to another scene in the evening. Dazai and Oda are heading to their usual spot at the bar. Dazai suspects that Ango will be there, and sure enough he is already there. As Ango reflecst on how happy he is to be drinking with Dazai and Oda again. Dazai reveals that he knows that Ango is a triple agent. In short, not only was he a spy for the Port Mafia during his infiltration of Mimic, but he is also spying on the Port Mafia for government-related reasons. WHA-WHAAAAAAAAAT?! this show………..


Ango says that the government is planning that Port Mafia handle the Mimic matter entirely.  Dazai says that unless they count Oda as part of the operation that even the Port Mafia will have difficulties taking down Gide. Because they have the same ability, Ango says that the government has observed that when similar abilities interact, they create unexpected situations in rare cases. Ango was under the influence that he could come to the bar and the men share a drink, regardless of position, but Dazai instructs him to leave before he forgets himself. Ango does so, but he leaves the picture that they took on the bar surface as a reminder.


We start a new scene on a new day. Oda is headed to drop off some groceries for the orphans at the ramen place. Unfortunately on arriving he gets there to find the place trashed, the owner bleeding and the childen missing from their room. Oda then hears the sound of an engine revving outside. It is a van and to his horror, the children are in it. Oda jumps off the roof to rescue them, but it is too late. A large explosion engulfs the car, imaginably killing everyone inside. Oda becomes absolutely distraught with sorrow and it is at that moment that he decides that he will no longer be able to fulfill his dream of writing.


bungostraydogs02e03-9 bungostraydogs02e03-10 bungostraydogs02e03-12 bungostraydogs02e03-13 bungostraydogs02e03-14         What a way to end…….See you guys next week

Season 2 of Bungo Stray Dogs airs every Wednesday on Crunchyroll at 1:35pm (AST

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