Bungo Stray Dogs S01E02 Recap

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Kaetan desu! (*≧▽≦)


Oda is in a curry place as part of his investigation talking to this old man he seems friendly with. He goes upstairs in the man’s house where a bunch of children give him an ambushed welcome, but fail. Oda gives the man living expenses for the children who lost their parents in the Ryuuzu Dispute two years ago and says as long as he can eat all the curry he wants, he will be happy.bungo2

Dazai arrives and tells Oda the members of Mimic were being chased from Europe by an organization of gifted individuals in England known as the Order of the Clock Tower. He believes that there was a motive for them to come all the way to Japan. Oda is bothered by how skilled the soldiers were, but Dazai lets him know those are former soldiers who are being commanded by way of the boss of the organizations ability. Dazai says that he has been assigned with the task of commanding an anti-Mimic strategy and took it upon himself to lay traps in hopes of catching and questioning Mimic members before they can commit suicide.


Oda asks why they aren’t allowing the Government to take charge of the case, but Dazai says their special division won’t show up unless circumstances are extreme, as the division is supposed to be non-existent. He also confirms that Ango was the one who leaked the password from the storage to Mimic, but that would only be applicable if Ango actually betrayed the organization. Dazai then receives a call on his cell phone that some Mimic members fell for his trap. Mimic storms a casino and goes into a safe but as it is a trap, nothing is in the safe. The doors then shut and sleeping gas begins to fill the room.


Oda later finds himself where the Port Mafia does their money laundering. He is looking through records of Ango’s work records. Amongst those records, he finds out that Ango went to Europe on a business trip to make a deal with a stolen car broker and agreed to become a double agent for them. Oda then pauses his thoughts for a minute and recalls the memory of this being the location of where the three men first met.


Ango was writing up life records of three people that were killed in a recent attack during the Ryuuzu Dispute. Dazai tells him that the boss probably didn’t like what he was dong but Ango states the dead had a life and should not just be a statistic. Ango says the boss initially hated the idea of it, but now considers it to be valuable information. They then take him to ‘Lupin’, the bar from the first episode against his will.


Dazai is at the scene of the trap to find all of the Mimic members dead. His subordinates report that apparently one of the Mimic members awoke from the gas earlier than expected and shot his comrades with a gun he stole from one of the minions. He then went to shoot Dazai’s minions but he was killed by Akutagawa. Dazai expresses his disappointment in Akutagawa and punches him saying that he could have used his powers to stop the bullets. He demonstrates by shooting at Akutagawa three times so he is forced to use his ability. Wow, talk about tough love. He then orders his underlings to check the corpses for any small clues .


Oda receives a call from Dazai who tells him that they’ve discovered Mimic’s hideout by way of a dried leaf on the bottom on one of the soldiers’ shoes and gives him directions to what looks to be an old observatory. Instead of waiting for backup to arrive, Oda enters the building alone on a hunch. His hunch turns out to be right when he discovers Ango tied up in a room. Oda frees him and Ango lets him know that the building is littered with bombs due to go off at any second. The two barely escape through a window as the massive explosion goes off.


Ango tells Oda that the boss planned for him to go undercover as a Mimic spy but Mimic soon found out and planned to have him killed. This was an operation that only Rintarou and Ango knew about. Regardless, Rintarou knew that Oda would go to retrieve Ango despite not knowing the truth, as they were friends. Ango also reveals the name of Mimic’s head being Gide and that he is an extremely dangerous man with a powerful gift.


It is then than a strange ball comes rolling out of the bushes. Not suspecting anything in the slightest, Oda picks it up and there is poison on the ball. His ability didn’t kick in early enough for him to avoid touching it and Oda collapses. I’m sorry, but youou just don’t do that! That’s common sense! Oda urges Ango to escape from the scene with the backup who arrives, which he does, but not before assuring Oda that what he told him was the truth and that he wishes that they could all have a drink together at the same bar once more.




Season 2 of Bungo Stray Dogs airs every Wednesday on Crunchyroll at 1:35pm (AST)

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