Bidding War over Twitter heats up

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A fierce bidding war over the purchase of Twitter, found a new player earlier week. Disney has allegedly joined other potential buyers after rumours surfaced Friday of the possible sale. These rumours come as no surprise as the company was suffering from slow revenue growth since going public in 2013. Other potential buyers of the company are Microsoft, Salesforce (a US cloud computing company) and Google, among other tech companies. The mere thought of a potential purchase of Twitter has shaken up the stock markets- after the rumours started to spread Friday; shares of twitter went up by 20%. They climbed another 3% Monday which helped Twitter’s market value to surpass $20 billion.walt_disney_pictures

Of course, Disney wanting to purchase Twitter should come as no surprise to anyone. After all this is the same company that back in 2012 decided to purchase George Lucas’ company, LucasFilm, for $4.06 billion. This studio is the one responsible for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones; two of the most lucrative franchises to have ever been created for the big screen. Even going back to 2009, they purchased Marvel for $4 billion, it’s been estimated that of late since the buyout, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made over $10 billion. So if Twitter is indeed purchased by Disney, it can expect to make some serious money and investments in the long run. Its been proven than having a big presence in social media greatly increases profits for most companies. So its clear Disney as well as other buyers are looking to leverage the social media power Twitter has at its disposal.


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