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At its annual press conference Apple unveiled its updated devices for the consumer market. This year it was held at Apple’s spaceship campus; a futuristic campus that was originally envisioned by the company’s founder Steve Jobs, in the brand new Steve Jobs Theatre. Yesterday we got three new iPhones which have the usual faster processors and better camera technology. However, when I say three new iPhones, it was technically one – for all intents and purposes, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are minuscule upgrades over the previous iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

It’s true the new iPhone 8 has support for wireless charging technology (finally), and the new A11 Bionic processor that the iPhone X has is certainly a plus, however, that’s it. That’s the selling point for the iPhone 8 and its Plus variant. Can we just take a moment to point out that almost every feature the iPhone X (10?) has, the Plus also carries? It’s got the processor. It’s got the wireless charging. It’s got dual cameras on the back and can do the same new Portrait Lighting effects as the iPhone X. The 5.5-inch LCD screen has True Tone.

After announcing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, then came the iPhone X, which in my opinion is one of the biggest let downs I have ever seen at an Apple event. Now don’t be mistaken, I personally believe the iPhone X is the most futuristic product I have seen out of the tech giant probably since the original iPhone. The design is sleek, with a small form factor that’s only slightly bigger than the iPhone 8. In real world terms this means the device will be easy to handle, as long as you have a case for it that is. After all, the glass on glass build will not help it in terms of grip or for when you will inevitably drop the device. The edge to edge OLED display is simply beautiful, and since Apple finally upped the resolution for its flagship product iPhone users can finally enjoy full HD content at their fingertips.

The main difference between the iPhone 8 Plus and the X, is the fact that the X has the new facial recognition technology used for unlocking the device, while the Plus still uses Touch ID. And “Animojis”…joy. What does that lovable name represent? The sensors that allow Face ID possible are also used for Animoji, which are moving emoji that mimic your facial expressions. Yes, because  we have all wondered, what does it feel like to spend more money on a product to get more emoji options. While demonstrating the new Face ID feature on stage yesterday at the event, it failed to work as flawlessly as they said it would. Why? Because anyone that knows anything about using your face to unlock phones (Android users of course), knows it never works consistently, its awkward to do and a simple unlock from your finger print is always easier. Yes this new Face ID will get software updates and will work better as time progresses, but as the key selling point of your product it should work perfectly from the get go.

You’re probably wondering what this costs, that’s the punchline here folks. The new iPhone X has a starting price of $999 USD, for unlocking your phone with your face and new emojis. Many of us may think, well it’s Apple, it’s a totally new design for them, so why not? No, that’s a terrible way to think of such a product. It’s that way of thinking that encourages companies to jack up prices for no reason what so ever. Have we as a people reached a situation where the value of a phone is how good a poop emoji can mirror your face? I for one certainly hope that is not the case.

iPhone SE is still a thing?

Why couldn’t Apple simply have launched the new iPhone X as their new iPhone line. Bringing out a small and a Plus version to the X would have made a lot more headlines and absolutely crush most other competition from other manufacturers for the remainder of the year. Now we  have the new iPhone X, and two other devices that we only care about because of the massive price difference. In my opinion, the new iPhone 8 Plus is the better buy, in terms of specs and of course price. Paying $200 USD more just for bragging rights in this economy is not worth the effort, especially after seeing what other manufacturers have to offer.

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