AnimeKon’s TerraNautica Saga Begins

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After celebrating its first decade of success last year, AnimeKon enters its eleventh year with 2020’s “The Invasion”, the first part of an epic five year, five convention spanning story called The TerraNautica Saga

Much in the same way that AnimeKon announced the themes for its 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions back in 2016, they today did the same for their themes from 2020 through to 2024. Following “The Invasion” will be, “Clash of the Titans”, “League of Champions”, “Ascension” and “Resurgence.

AnimeKon co-Founder Omar Kennedy described the TerraNautica Saga as “the next evolutionary step” and “a new universe [of] opportunities for vendors, sponsors and the actual patrons to become involved in this world…called TerraNautica.”

“TerraNautica, the continent, is shaped like the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre with the “Terra” – the land part – being the actual convention centre and the “Nautica” being the car park on the outside. Nautica being the underwater aspect of the continent…There are two peoples; the Terraphs and the Nauticans. They were all once one [people] but there was a big cataclysm…half of the population sank beneath the waves – they are now water breathers – and the regular air breathers…[are] on [land].”

The saga will follow three main characters “as they face off against the forces of darkness as they try to overwhelm their continent of TerraNautica.” Each of the five conventions that will make up the saga will feature different parts of the story, which will be exemplified through games, events and even the tickets. There are also plans to incorporate cosplayers dressed as the main characters into the convention after movie.

In the social media announcement of the saga the story was summed up thusly:

“Two old threats, remnants of The Second Age of Men, have returned to claim what was left of humanity.

With all of the lesser gods who stood watch over The Last Age gone, humanity (the Terraphs, the Nauticans, and their half-breed offspring) must work closely together to even hope to stand against the threats which have risen to pull them into the final night.”

This year’s “The Invasion” will feature the invasion of the dark forces from the land and the sea; the two enemies that the heroes will face.

Kennedy is also the author of The Soltreian Chronicles, the first volume of which was released in April of 2014. He revealed that volumes two and three will be launched at this year’s AnimeKon, along with The Sentinels of Life: The Chariot of Peacock Island – another novel on which he collaborated with Shannon Kennedy, better known as Shasam Cosplay, whose Cotton Candy Girlz line of products the book is based on. The stories of these novels will be a part of the TerraNautica Saga.

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