America’s Next Top Model C24E04 Recap

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At The House

Last week’s drama between Liz and Brendi K. carried over into this week’s episode. I was really starting to not like Liz with this episode. She seemed like the kooky, fun and bubbly girl in the beginning, but she seems to have a very vindictive, mean spirited-ness about her that is hideous. I’m a little disappointed that that Brendi K. didn’t kick her ass last week. And the fact that Christina of all people was the one that told Liz that she should try to empathise with Brendi K. was just shocking. Still, as much as I dislike Liz right now for what she said to Brendi K., I don’t particularly like Brendi K.

Now, because of reality TV editing, we don’t know if Liz’s confessional in which she accused Brendi K. of feeling pride in being a bitch (which I don’t doubt to be honest) was before or after her apology, but if it was after I like her even less.

The Screen-test Challenge

The girls had an acting challenge with, as Stacey dubbed him, “award-winning” TV and film director Anthony Hemingway and had to act alongside Kevin Phillips.

Liz was terrible and made a fool of herself. She overacted even after being told to tone it down. I thought Rhiyan did pretty good, Stacey and Anthony didn’t think so though. She did much better than when she was rehearsing the night before. Or was my judgement skewed because of how awful Liz was? Khrystyana was awesome; she was so natural and believable and you couldn’t even tell that she was embarrassed at all. We didn’t get to see Erin, Kyla, Brendi K. or Sandra. Coura really struggled and never collected herself.

We didn’t get to see Jeana either. Christina was overacting. Rio was not good. Liberty forgot her lines. Shanice was excellent. I literally clapped  for her. She had fun and made it her own and she did such a good job. I was so proud of her.

Khrystyana and Shanice were the only girls who did well. I wanted Shanice to win the challenge just because of the week she had in the last episode, but I’m not upset that Khrystyana won. Shanice doesn’t feel that way, though.

At The House 2

And Liz was breaking down crying…again. This time because of the critique she got from Anthony, which was accurate. She does have an overwhelming personality. She’s a lot whether she’s happy or sad. She kind of bulldozes you with her presence because she’s so big with her emotions. Does she not know that about herself? She did say that she had to work hard to get people to notice her over the years, moving from school to school because she was bullied. Perhaps she overcompensates then?

Rhiyan was also having an emotional time back at the house and confessed to hating her body and feelings of inadequacy to Rio and Kyla. I’m starting to feel like Rio is kind of like the “Mom” in the house. Just the person that the girls go to when they are feeling down and need a confidence boost. She did  it last week with Brendi K. and she did it again this week with Rhiyan. Again, with reality TV editing it could have been portrayed in an exaggerated way, but still, it was pretty disturbing and hopefully Rhiyan doesn’t have a problem.

We went back to Liz and she was either still breaking down or broke down again. Either way, at this point it’s tiring. It was the second time we saw her cry in this episode and the third time this season. And we’re only four episodes in! Over something that was small, trivial and her own fault. But considering what happened later in the episode, she was probably at this point starting to implode. I did wonder in the first episode whether or not she’s bipolar and undiagnosed or if she’s just incredibly moody.

The Photoshoot

For this week’s photoshoot the girls were styled by B. Akerland in a horror, torture fashion, beautifully creepy shoot wearing painfully uncomfortable yet gorgeous looks.

I got nothing from Sandra’s performance on set. I can’t tell if she was good or bad, but Drew and B were unhappy so I guess she was the latter. I mean, B literally had to get on set and show her how to pose and that’s not good. Khrystyana’s styling was beautiful, not scary at all and she looked to be doing well. Rhiyan did the same thing repeatedly, seated and standing. Christina really brought it on set this week and  did very, very well. I suppose this was her kind of shoot. Kyla looked beautiful and I liked her poses and what she was doing with her face.

Rio looked okay. So did Brendi K. and Jeana. From what little we saw of Brendi. K though, it looked better than she usually does. Shanice looked really good and appeared to be doing very well. Liberty looked pretty and I liked what she was doing with her face and with her body. I feel like Erin really turned it out on set. She was doing the most and it looked like she finally got out of the 80’s and 90’s. Liz, as always, was crazy on set. But the thing about her is that it always translates into a beautiful photo. Coura’s costuming was amazing but she looked boring as hell.

At The House 3

For the third time in this episode and the fourth time this season, we saw Liz breaking down crying. Sigh…All of the clips of her crying were taken from the same confessional (she was wearing the same clothing in all of them), but it was aggravating seeing her crying over and over again. Plus, she almost started drama again. Yes, the other girls shouldn’t have been making so much noise so late at night, knowing that their roommates were trying to sleep. However, Liz didn’t need to be so rude when she asked them to keep it down. Telling them to “shut the f**k up” was not the way to go about doing that. And in a Top Model first, she left the house to stay at a hotel.


Well that was an unexpected exit. I didn’t think that living in the house with the other girls was that bad that Liz felt like she need to leave the competition entirely. I figured she just needed a night away from everyone to reset and she would be fine, but she hated living with the other girls that much. I guess I should have seen it coming when Tyra walked into the room. Well, bye Felicia.


Shanice’s photo was STUN-NING! It didn’t even really look like her. It was absolutely beautiful;I loved the face, the pose…the everything. Sandra’s photo was bland once again. The styling was doing more work than her, but her face was better than usual so I can say that she improved somewhat. Khrystyana looked like an ethereal princess in her photo. Her shot was so dramatic and I loved everything about it. Rhiyan’s photo did nothing for me. I was hoping it would be good since she broke down in front of the judges, but the face was too much and the pose was bad.

Click for full size image.

Rio’s headpiece was just about the ugliest thing I had ever seen and she worked it. She brought scary with the face and she just brought the creative to life. Liberty looked like a Eurasian graveyard bride. The photo was amazing and I had no problems with it. Jeana’s was just weird and she looked like a creepy doll, but it fit with the theme of the shoot. Erin’s photo wasn’t as spectacular as I was expecting, but it was still good though. I loved that it looked like she was in motion and her face was pretty.

Click for full size image.

Christina’s shot was gorgeous. It was hands down her best so far. She didn’t look scared in the one shoot where she needed to be, but it was sexy as hell. Brendi K.’s photo was also the best she’d done so far. She had a pretty crazy look and it didn’t overwhelm her. I literally said “hot damn” when Kyla’s photo appeared on screen. It was phenomenal. She finally impressed me by serving up something that wasn’t bland. It was haunting, strong and fierce. Coura’s photo was less than amazing. She wasn’t doing anything with her face or her body. She was just there.

Click for full size image.

My picks to go home were Rhiyan and Coura.

The Call Order And Elimination

I don’t think that Erin’s photo was better than Shanice’s, Kyla’s or Rio’s, but alright. I think the three of them should have been called before her. One of the girls that I had pegged for best photo got called first – Khrystyana – so I won’t complain much about the call order. The others were Shanice, Kyla, Liberty and Rio by the way.

It was not at all shocking that Coura and Rhiyan were in the bottom two. Coura had the better body of work so I expected her to stay. I do feel sorry for Rhiyan being sent home because of what she was going through emotionally and how she took her elimination to mean that she wasn’t good enough. She was the first girl whose elimination made me feel sad.

Random thoughts:

  1. Who’s Kevin Phillips? Are the girls supposed to know who he is?
  2. I didn’t notice Khrystyana’s accent until this episode. I forgot that she’s Serbian.
  3. Lol, Brendi K. slept through everything.
  4. These bitches drove Liz away.
  5. Law has his hair again. All is right with the world.
  6. Shanice has so much personality this week. I love it.

America’s Next Top Model airs Tuesdays at 8PM on VH1.

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