15 Worst Films of Summer 2017

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The summer movie season is officially over. It is a little over half way into the month of October, so those summer films that came out at the tail end of September (the end of the summer movie season) have had just about enough time to have been evaluated by movie critics. So that means it’s time to look back at the films that were released between June and September of this year to see which ones were definitive critical failures.

For the sake of this list, we’ll be looking at their Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores. They’ll be ranked them, from “best” to “worst” according to their Rotten Tomatoes scores since those tend to be lower than Metacritic scores. And, let’s be honest, people pay more attention to Rotten Tomatoes than Metacritic. If you see any films that you watched this summer that you loved on this list and disagree with them being but on a “Worst” list, let us know why in the comments.

1. Unlocked

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 26%                    Metacritic Score: 46%

Written by: Peter O’Brien.

Directed by: Michael Apted.

Starring: Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, Toni Collette, John Malkovich and Michael Douglas.

Synopsis: A CIA interrogator is lured into a ruse that puts London at risk of a biological attack. – IMDB.

2. The Book of Henry

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 21%                    Metacritic Score: 31%

Written by: Gregg Hurwitz.

Directed by: Colin Trevorrow.

Starring: Naomi Watts, Jaeden Lieberher, Jacob Tremblay, Sarah Silverman, Lee Pace, Maddie Ziegler and Dean Norris.

Synopsis: Sometimes things are not always what they seem, especially in the small suburban town where the Carpenter family lives. Single suburban mother Susan (Naomi Watts) works as a waitress at a diner, alongside feisty friend Sheila (Sarah Silverman). Her younger son Peter (Jacob Tremblay) is a playful 8-year-old. Taking care of everyone and everything is Susan’s older son Henry (Jaeden Lieberher), age 11. Protector to his adoring younger brother and tireless supporter of his often self-doubting mother – and, through investments, of the family – Henry blazes through the days like a comet. Susan discovers that the family next door, which includes Henry’s kind classmate Christina (Maddie Ziegler), has a dangerous secret – and that Henry has devised a surprising plan to help. As his brainstormed rescue plan for Christina takes shape in thrilling ways, Susan finds herself at the center of it. – Focus Features YouTube Channel.

3. Woodshock

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 19%                    Metacritic Score: 38%

Written  and Directed by: Kate Mulleavy and Laura Mulleavy.

Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Joe Cole and Pilou Asbæk.

Synopsis: A haunted young woman spirals in the wake of profound loss, torn between her fractured emotional state and the reality-altering effects of a potent cannabinoid drug. – IMDB.

4. Wish Upon

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 17%                    Metacritic Score: 32%

Written by:  Barbara Marshall.

Directed by: John R. Leonetti.

Starring: Joey King, Ki Hong Lee, Sydney Park, Elisabeth Rohm and Ryan Phillippe.

Synopsis: A teenage girl discovers a box that carries magic powers and a deadly price for using them. – IMDB.

5. The Mummy

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 16%                    Metacritic Score: 34%

Written by: David Koepp, Christopher McQuarrie and Dylan Kussman.

Directed by: Alex Kurtzman.

Starring: Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance and Russell Crowe.

Synopsis: An ancient Egyptian princess is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension. – IMDB.

6. All Eyez On Me

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 15%                    Metacritic Score: 38%

Written by:  Jeremy Haft, Eddie Gonzalez and Steven Bagatourian.

Directed by:  Benny Boom.

Starring: Demetrius Shipp Jr., Kat Graham, Lauren Cohan, Hill Harper and Danai Gurira.

Synopsis: Tells the true and untold story of prolific rapper, actor, poet and activist Tupac Shakur. – IMDB.

7. The Dark Tower

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 15%                    Metacritic Score: 34%

Written by: Akiva Goldsman, Jeff Pinkner, Anders Thomas Jensen and Nikolaj Arcel.

Directed by: Nikolaj Arcel.

Starring: Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Taylor, Claudia Kim, Fran Kranz, Abbey Lee, Katheryn Winnick and Jackie Earle Haley.

Synopsis: The last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, has been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O’Dim, also known as the Man in Black, determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark Tower, which holds the universe together. With the fate of the worlds at stake, good and evil will collide in the ultimate battle as only Roland can defend the Tower from the Man in Black. – IMDB.

8. Transformers: The Last Knight

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 15%                    Metacritic Score: 25%

Written by: Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Ken Nolan.

Directed by: Michael Bay.

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Hopkins, Laura Haddock, Isabela Moner, Jerrod Carmichael, Santiago Cabrera, John Turturro, Glenn Morshower and Liam Garrigan.

Synopsis: Our world’s greatest hero becomes our fiercest enemy when Optimus Prime launches a mission to save Cybertron by destroying Earth. Now Bumblebee and Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) must lead the Autobots against their former ally in the ultimate battle to save mankind from annihilation. – Transformers Official Website.

9. 2:22

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 13%                    Metacritic Score: Not Available

Written by: Nathan Parker and Todd Stein.

Directed by: Paul Currie.

Starring: Michiel Huisman, Teresa Palmer and Sam Reid.

Synopsis: A man’s life is derailed when an ominous pattern of events repeats itself in exactly the same manner every day, ending at precisely 2:22 p.m. – IMDB.

10. 9/11

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 11%                    Metacritic Score: 20%

Written by: Martin Guigui and Steven Golebiowski.

Directed by: Martin Guigui.

Starring: Charlie Sheen, Gina Gershon, Luis Guzmán, Wood Harris, Olga Fonda, Jacqueline Bisset and Whoopi Goldberg.

 Synopsis: A group of 5 people find themselves trapped in an elevator in the World Trade Center’s North Tower on 9/11. They work together, never giving up hope, to try to escape before the unthinkable happens. – IMDB.

11. The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 10%                    Metacritic Score: 36%

Written by: Scott Bindley, Cal Brunker and Bob Barlen.

Directed by: Cal Brunker.

Starring: Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph, Jackie Chan, Katherine Heigl, Bobby Moynihan, Bobby Cannavale, Isabela Moner, Jeff Dunham and Gabriel Iglesias.

Synopsis: Surly Squirrel (Will Arnett) and the gang are back. We are once again in Oakton where the evil mayor has decided to bulldoze Liberty Park and build a dangerous amusement park in its place. Surly and his ragtag group of animal friends band together to save their home, defeat the mayor, and take back the park. – The Nut Job Official Website.

12. The Emoji Movie

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 10%                    Metacritic Score: 12%

Written by: Tony Leondis, Eric Siegel and Mike White.

Directed by: Tony Leondis.

Starring: T. J. Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris, Maya Rudolph, Steven Wright, Jennifer Coolidge, Christina Aguilera, Sofía Vergara, Sean Hayes and Patrick Stewart.

Synopsis: Gene, a multi-expressional emoji, sets out on a journey to become a normal emoji. – IMDB.

13. First Kill

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 9%                    Metacritic Score: 39%

Written by: Nick Gordon.

Directed by:  Steven C. Miller.

Starring: Hayden Christensen, Bruce Willis, Gethin Anthony, Megan Leonard, Tyler Jon Olson amd Shea Buckner.

Synopsis: A Wall Street broker is forced to evade a police chief investigating a bank robbery as he attempts to recover the stolen money in exchange for his son’s life. – IMDB.

14. Flatliners

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 5%                    Metacritic Score: 27%

Written by: Ben Ripley.

Directed by: Niels Arden Oplev.

Starring: Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, James Norton, Kiersey Clemons and Kiefer Sutherland.

Synopsis: In Flatliners, five medical students, obsessed by the mystery of what lies beyond the confines of life, embark on a daring and dangerous experiment: by stopping their hearts for short periods of time, each triggers a near-death experience – giving them a firsthand account of the afterlife. But as their experiments become increasingly dangerous, they are each haunted by the sins of their pasts, brought on by the paranormal consequences of trespassing to the other side. – Sony Pictures.

15. Gun Shy/Salty

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 0%                    Metacritic Score: 21%

Written by: Toby Davies.

Directed by: Simon West.

Starring: Antonio Banderas, Olga Kurylenko, Ben Cura, Mark Valley, Aisling Loftus, David Mitchell and Jeremy Swift.

Synopsis: An aging rock star’s wife is kidnapped while vacationing in Chile. – IMDB.

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