15 Most Patriotic Songs About Barbados

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In just two days Barbados will be celebrating it’s 51st anniversary of independence. As our little contribution to the celebrations, we decided to put together this article and a short video of the 15 Most Patriotic Songs About Barbados.

Now this isn’t a definitive list and we’re sure there are many more songs out there, about Barbados, by Barbadians, celebrating our culture, heritage and people, that aren’t on this list. So let us know which songs you think we missed in the comments.

See the video above for a TL;DR version of this list. See below to listen to the songs in full.

#1. God Bless Bim – The Merrymen (1966)

#2. Beautiful Barbados – The Merrymen

#3. I Am A Barbadian – The Sandpebbles of Barbados (1973)

#4. Barbados Ah Come From – Sing Out Barbados (1975)

#5. Bridgetown – The Mighty Gabby (1975)

#6. Bim – Red Plastic Bag (1984)

#7. Doing Dis Again – Krosfyah (1996)

#8. The Pledge – Peter Ram (2005)

#9. Colours – Natalie Burke and Shontelle (2009)

#10. Trident – Peter Ram (2010)

#11. I Am A Bajan – Rupee (2011)

#12. Real Real Bajan – AzMan (2015)

#13. I’z A Bajan – Lil Rick (2016)

#14.  246 Til I Die – Leadpipe and Saddis (2016)

#15. Proud – AzMan (2016)

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