10 Things About Shelway Gaskin

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A new feature is on it’s way this Sunday!

Later this week, meet Shelway Gaskin – 2D Animator and Illustrator and creator of the comic series Shootin’ the Breeze! But while you wait, here are 10 Things About Shelway Gaskin:

  1. Shelway is a 22-year-old 2D animator and illustrator studying Film at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination.
  2. It was the Pixar movie, The Incredibles, that inspired him to pursue animation as a serious career path.
  3. Shelway is a self-taught animator who started out on Microsoft Paint and worked his way up to where he is today.
  4. Whether its animation, live-action, fiction or non-fiction, this young artist loves pop culture and enjoys doing research on even the most random of topics.
  5. “I’m a filmaholic; I love film…I’m always on YouTube and if it’s not YouTube, its Vimeo.” Shelway said.
  6. He has a bit of an unusual accent since he was born in America, lived in Bermuda until he was eight and then moved to Barbados. His parents, brother and majority of his family members however, are all Barbadian.
  7. “The internet has ruined my attention span.” he said laughing. Boredom is something that comes knocking at his door frequently, so finding things to grab his attention is an ongoing activity.
  8. Persons often think that he’s super serious first glance, but he says “I may look serious but I am thinking stupidness in my mind”. Don’t let the serious look scare you from a conversation with this random guy!
  9. Shelway says he’s a perfectionist, especially when it comes to his animation, and it drives him to the point that makes him paranoid.
  10. His overall aim in life is to be comfortable…not worrying about a job or money. Just comfortable and content with life.

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